fake taxi in guangzhou

Written by Mr. BROWN Jan 2, 2013 04:17
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Be aware of FAKE TAXI DRIVERS and TAXI in Guangzhou, especially if you are a single person, Or alone to travel, they will drive you to quit place and show that car is broken down, get off and take another taxi, but driver is keeping all the doors locked , so you cant come out , and you cant open the door, as rare door  controlled by driver. then he will ask you to pay for what ever the amount shows on the meter, if you have right and small money to pay him, he will keep pushing it back , say this money is fake and give him another note, he keeps doing untill you give him hundred or so, or also he will ask you to give him hunded and he will give you change back, that mean trped now, i was luckuy to escape,  i put every thing back in pocket and acting that i am calling police, all though i cant speak chines, and in the mean time group of people walking to word us, so his plan didnt work, and he let me off the car, where i took other taxi to hotel.
 he was load and try to scare me also he pulled little steel rad to attack me, but nothing happen any way, but it cant be the case always, 
  once he drop me off and then drove off with spead and even car boot was wide open, that mean you cant note car REGISTRATION,
  best tip i belive is that take picture of registration and his  ID from the dashboard before you site down for your jurney.
that will may prevent him for doging
 good luck and always take extra care when you travelling in any where in the word, especially in china

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Feb 26, 2015 08:08 Reply


don't take green taxi, take red, yellow, blue taxi,these 3 colors are good company


Mar 20, 2013 19:07 Reply

Mr.HARRY from china said:

tell the police anyway, dial 110 and there will be a record automatically, no matter the issue is solved or not, it helps the police to get better know of the situation in the city and maybe one day it helps to solved the problem permanently.

May 4, 2013 12:33
MITTAL replied:

dear friend its a big probelm in guangzhou


Jan 27, 2013 22:36 Reply


It is true. My husband also met such fake taxi in Guangzhou. Fortunately he is aware of the driver. Asking the driver go the way he desitinated. As he know the way to Foshan

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