Beware of this restaurant in Beijing, China that cheats patrons!

Written by Ms. BLOOM Mar 24, 2013 00:35
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I'm writing this to alert those who plans to travel to Beijing. Those that read this, pls pass the word around to warn anyone you know. This happened to my chinese friend from China. His name is Da Wei, he travelled to Beijing for work on Fri, 22 Mar '13 & this bad experience caused him trauma. I've advised him to warn others, which he already shared his bad experience in one of the China's blog "BAIDU" but I told him we've to warn other travellers from other countries & hope this get noticed!

The name of the restaurant is Beijing shisanling black restaurant. The address & tel no of this restaurant is listed below.

Shisanling road 45,Changping District,Beijing City
Tel: 010-59209519

My friend went to this restaurant for a simple meal. When he asked for the bill, the owner said the bill was USD100. My friend couldnt believe because he remembered he didnt ordered such expensive dishes. He asked for the menu again to verify. The owner brought out a different menu, it was a set-up actually. My friend didnt want to pay & demanded to make a police report. There happened to be some policemen & these policemen side the owner! They snatched his wallet & phone since he didnt agree to pay. My friend was not happy & decided to go to the police station to lodge a report. It seems those police officers were bogus. My friend took the real policemen to the shop again & speak to the owner. The owner is he doesnt know my friend! To shorten the whole story, this owner has been collaborating with the fake policemen & the real policemen by bribing them on a long term basis!

This is so sad that such things still happens in China & nothing we could do to report this!

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Sep 22, 2014 19:43 Reply

Mr.PRAFULL MEHTA from China said:

I live in Changping District - Beijing. Need to go this restaurant called Mongolian BBQ
Please someone help me with directions.


Jul 15, 2013 07:27 Reply


what a shock of hearing this bad thing happened to your friend.

I will be travelling to Beijing in September and I found lots of unhappy story through tripadvisor & travelchinaguide.


Apr 29, 2013 19:47 Reply

Mr.MARTIN said:

Thanks for this valuable information next time that I go to china I will more coution.
and so sorry for that bad incident.


Mar 27, 2013 01:31 Reply

Mr.HYSD from Germany said:

i m so sorry to hear that. any countires may have this kind of thing.

maybe u guys do not the real china, to watch more about chinese culture and society, please find them in

there are more tv program about chinese culture and cities

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