Badaling Ski Resort – a great destination for winter sports lovers in Beijing

Written by May 26, 2014 02:36
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Beijing, the Chinese capital city boasts of innumerable places of attractions within and around the city. Tourists can have a fair idea about the rich culture, tradition and heritage of Chinese people while visiting these locales in the city. However, there is one destination in close proximity to Beijing, which is a paradise for winter adventure sports enthusiasts. The Badaling Ski Resort has attracted large numbers of locals as well as international travelers and tourists during the winters for enjoying great skiing experience.

Reaching Badaling Ski Resort

To reach the ski resort in Beijing, it is important to reach the Chinese capital city first. Beijing is well connected to the world via international flights. There are also various kinds of cheap flights to Beijing operated by China Airlines from various cities in the Asian sub continent. Excellent discounts are offered by the airlines that reduce the ticket prices considerably. The rates of discounts are more for round-trip flights. After reaching Beijing, take any transportation (preferably buses) that goes to the Great Wall of China. The resort is at a distance of almost 2-3 kilometers from the Badaling Great Wall.

Skiing trails for different levels of skiing

It is quite interesting to note that the Badaling Ski Resort has skiing trails for all levels of skiers. The total skiing trail in the resort stretches to almost 2,300 meters. There are 4-6 trails. Two trails are exclusively for the beginners of skiing and they extend to almost 800 meters. There are also trails for intermediate skiers and advance skiers. The maximum vertical drop in the resort is of 160 meters. Though advance skiers might look for more heights, the resort offers adventure in other forms. The resort has a ski school, where interested candidates can learn skiing with the help of experienced instructors.

Other facilities at the Badaling Ski Resort Beijing

If you are a non-skier, but still want to visit the Badaling Ski Resort in Beijing, you will have plenty of other activities to participate in apart from skiing. The resort offers excellent facilities for bungee jumping, dog sledging, snow and ice adventure tour, mountain snow massage, ice sculpture etc. Along with these, the view from the resort is picturesque where the Great Wall of China can be seen covered in snow in the winters. There are also some hot springs in close proximity to the resort where many people go for therapeutic reasons.

The ski resort has excellent accommodation and dining facilities for visitors too. There are many comfortable guest rooms in the resort where they can stay for the skiing vacation. The restaurants at the resort serve various kinds of cuisines for the guests to cater to their taste buds. All arrangements are available at Badaling ski resort to ensure that guests have a wonderful vacation there.

Some important facts about Badaling Ski Resort Beijing

Opening time – For day skiing – 08.30 – 17.00 hrs; for night skiing – 18.00 – 21.00 hrs (every weekend only)

Ticket prices – The prices vary for weekdays, weekends and national holidays. They also depend on the time period for which you want to enjoy skiing. Here is the chart for the rates (per person basis):

  • Weekdays – RMB 170 for whole day; RMB 140 for 4 hours; RMB 80 for 2 hours

  • Weekends – RMB 240 for whole day; RMB 180 for 4 hours; RMB 100 for 2 hours

    By Traveler Sean  

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