Guiling Trip

Written by Dec 4, 2014 20:23
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Very luckily I had got chance to go Guiling trip. And it was wonderful trip because of this beautiful city!

Guiling city is located nearby Guangzhoucity, by bus around 6 hours but by flight only 35minutes around. It is famous for its clean water and amazing mountaions and stones but many people go there for travelling because of one famous person called “Liu Shan Jie”. I love this beautiful lady” and proud of her. She was not only beautiful but have the most beautiful voice+ smart.

I assume if she is still alive, nobody could beat her in writing lyrics because she can come with lyrics in any minute and sing by what she thought in mind

We have visited lots of places such as Hu Die Quan,MoonMountain, Elegant Mountain.etc

The most beautiful places which I recommend is

1, The Impression Liu Shan Jie

When you checked the name, you could never imagine it is a big opera which give us very wonderful performance. This amazing performance was designed by our famous director” Zhang Yi Mou”. When the first time I saw this performance, I was shocked and moved inside which made me admire him for my whole life because his great works really show how greatChinais. We as Chinese should be proud of that

2, Another world

By the name, you should know it is a wonderful place because it leads you to another totally different world which is beautiful everywhere. There is a nice song MV was made that with those beautiful scene. The water is so clean,you can see the fish clearly swimming and the grasses moving. There are many different racility people who are living inside giving many performance to show the tourists. Anyway I love that place!

So if you plan to visit Guiling, never forget to visit those places which I mentioned about because it is really amazing places and leaves you unforgettable memories in life

From Shirley


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