The Good And The bad of Guilin-Yangshuo

Written by Mr. JOHNNY_L Jan 23, 2014 04:35
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There is nothing much to see in Guilin itself. The real place to visit is Yangshuo. The scenic views along the river or road to Ynagshuo will amaze anyone.  If you plan to visit yangshuo do not spend time looking at rock formation in Guilin. Just skip it. It is non-comparable to the thousands of beautiful limestone hill formation along Li-river towards yangshuo. Don't take the raft rides from Guilin but take it at a jetty located 30 minutes drive towards yangshuo. This way you will see the good things earlier.

The bad thing about Guilin, there are not many people speak english. And for moslem travellers, halal food or restaurants are hard to find. There is one in Yangshuo and around 3 or 4 in guilin.

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Jul 26, 2014 23:22 Reply


i am a local people from here.yangshuo is a great place to visit .


Jun 26, 2014 03:25 Reply

Mr.AHMED from Ethiopia said:

If you travel from Beijing to this place it is just paradise..and the reverse is hell!!


Jun 14, 2014 20:12 Reply

Mr.SMITH from USA said:

Yangshuo definitely has more choices and scenery than Guilin. The bamboo river rafting is a perfect way to see the best parts of Yangshuo. We recommend staying outside of town, such as by the Yulong River. Yangshuo Mountain Retreat is the #1 choice, but they're often full. You can try the Yangshuo Village Inn for a nice boutique experience. If you are on a budget, we think the Outside Inn is a nice choice, in a quiet village.


May 8, 2014 01:43 Reply

DOFR said:

Do not go to Xingping for boat ride becos the women selling tickets there are run by underground black mafia. You will not see any men pushing you to purchase tickets , only women and there is one short woman with a wailing baby she carries will harass you and will not allow other tickets sellers to approach you after she has talked to you. Their rule is whoever approaches the tourist first so no other ticket sellers are allowed to sell to you. I know it cost only CNY 100 for 4pax in a boat but this mafia woman is demanding CNY180 per pax. She gets very aggressive when I look for another ticket seller and scolded me for approaching another ticket seller. I learned from the local boatman that they get paid only 20% of what we paid and the rest is pocketed by these women with backup from black society and the real local boatman have difficulty surviving for living there.

Please do not take any boat ride from Xingping and in Yangshou town itself has the same boat ride and nothing so special in the scenery. Save yourself from being harassed and time to travel to Xingping some more. I saw many European tourist turning away from the pier and take the bus back after being harassed by the women mafia there forcing them to purchase the boat tickets from them.


Apr 16, 2014 13:27 Reply

Mr.MATHIAS from Canada said:

Guilin is a nice spot with thousands of restaurants...But If you only ar eeating in Mac Donals or Pizza Hut you can find it in Downtown..Why to go there if only you dont eat chinese foods?No make sense

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