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Written by Jan 9, 2006 23:01
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I am writing this for all to read, but primarily for my fellow Americans and those, who like me, reside in California !!

For most average Americans, China is still a mysterious place. A place shrouded with mystique and unfortunately all to often, with misinformation and false stereotypes. When I share with my acquaintances that I have recently returned from my third trip to China and to Guangzhou and the surrounding region, I most likely will hear a comment of....."China !!?? Why China !!??" In that regard, I am more than happy to respond to them....:"Why not China !!?? And then I attempt to educate them about the China I have grown to know and understand and very much love !!

As an American, I am of course, very proud of my country and my state. Having said that, I also know that China today, is a great nation, with an ancient and rich culture, wonderful people, a fascinating history, beautiful sights, cuisine to die for, and a very inexpensive vacation destination. Furthermore, and with added emphasis, China is a very safe place for a westerner to visit and vacation !!

If you live in America, and especially in the western USA, you can fly direct and non-stop from Los Angeles (LAX) to Guangzhou (CAN) on China Southern Airlines, for a most affordable price. The Boeing 777's they use for this route, are modern, clean and very safe. Guangzhou (formerly called Canton) is in the south of China, not far from Hong Kong, and it is the southern gateway or portal for travelers entering China. The new international airport in the outlaying area of Guangzhou, is the most modern facility in China today. I like Guangzhou and southern China in particular, because it is warm, with a very tropical climate. Guangzhou is within a degree of the Tropic of Cancer (23.5 degrees north of the Equator) the same line of latitude which transits close to the Hawaiian Islands, Mazitlan, MX, and the Florida Keys. Also, one can travel very easily to other cities within China via many daily flights from this major travel hub.

Moreover, in addition to ease of access, and tropical climate, Guangzhou is a city rich in history and culture. The people of Guangzhou are warm and friendly and hospitable to westerners. The city abounds with the most fabulous shopping areas and some of the finest cuisine in all of China. No matter what your travel budget, Guangzhou in particular and most anywhere in China, there is a wonderful time and experience awaiting you. If your taste is a Five Star Hotel, you will not be disappointed, and you will get so much more for so much less, than here in the USA. Likewise if a Four or Three Star Hotel is more to your liking, then you will be very happy with the quality of the rooms, all the conveniences of home, and surprised at the low cost. Likewise, unlike many other travel destinations, you can enjoy fine dining and fabulous cuisine throughout the region at prices that will just amaze you !! Be prepared to gain a few pounds when you visit China, and especially Guangzhou !!

As a major business city in China, with large trade shows and product fairs in April and October, the people of Guangzhou are accustomed to seeing westerners. A friendly smile and greeting from the visitor, will always ensure a similar response. The Chinese people, at all walks of life, are very kind, friendly and helpful. Most Chinese are very family oriented, industrious, and proud. Most Chinese children are now learning English in the elementary and middle schools, so be prepared for frequent attempts by them to practice their English, with a friendly and sincere "hello or good morning or, a how are you !?"

For a city with so many millions of people, Guangzhou is quite clean. Most of the streets and parks and other public areas are cleaner than their counterparts in America. Moreover, I found the restaurants to be very clean and the workers therein, to be very accommodating and their appearance immaculate !! In my three visits to China, in the past two years, I have never become ill from the food or the environment.

Guangzhou is mostly a very modern and vibrant city. New construction abounds and transportation is accessible, fast and affordable. One can transit most any where within the city for two to five dollars. A modern and extensive subway system also connects most areas of the city. If you have a quad-band mobile phone, it will work in China (900 band) and you can either use your USA carrier's SIM, or purchase a local SIM, for intra-country calls. Cell site coverage is extraordinary in China and in Guangzhou. Moreover, I will mention again, China is a very safe place to visit. A tourist in China does not have to worry about some of the things a visitor to a large American or European city must sometimes worry about. I have never had an unpleasant experience in China, and in Guangzhou.

For me, China is truly a wonderful place to visit, vacation, and enjoy. I really think travel to China and Guangzhou, is one of those 'best kept secrets' in today’s world !! Without reservation, I recommend travel to China for a safe and very enjoyable, affordable, and memorable experience. Most likely, your first trip, will not be your last !!

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Mar 1, 2009 20:57 Reply

SUEB said:

Thank you for your comments on Guangzhou. We are visiting there this month and your message helped to relieve some of my anxiety about Guangzhou. Any tips would be welcomed.


Aug 9, 2006 04:12 Reply


After reading your review, it has set my heart at ease for my trip to GZ on August 27 with another friend. I've been cautioned by so many to beware of pick-pockets and snatch thieves and wonder if I would be faced with such unpleasant experience when I am there. I think it's a universal rule that we have to be careful of our valuables and personal belongings whenever we travel and being in China does not make it any worse. Thank you once again for the wonderful write-up.


Apr 26, 2006 11:09 Reply

PRIDE said:

Most people tend to create this fairytale image in their minds about who their ideal mate is.I was hoping for a fairytale-ish story, but the romance went stale right away.I live in the LA area in California and I\\\'m also interested in connecting with other Black/Asian couples as I want to talk to them.


Mar 18, 2006 11:29 Reply


Nice review, Roger.
GZ was bad in the earlier yrs - as recent as less than 10 yrs ago. In particular was the railway station where robberies and snatch thieves were aplenty. However the situation has improved tremendously as recent visits showed.


Jan 24, 2006 01:48 Reply

CONNY129 said:

wow~~ great !
although I'm a Chinese ,I haven't been to Guangzhou yet,really hope I can get there one day :P

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