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  • <A>Summer in Ninghai
    BENJAMIN | Jul 17, 2006 06:07

    I’m slowly getting over another food poisoning episode my first in six months. I think this is due to my own compliancy as I unrightly presumed after Chongqing I would be able to stomach anything Ningbo had on offer. But alas I spent two days of acquainting myself with my hotel room porcelain bus.

    My flight from Chongqing to Ningbo took about three hours and was painless with a quick transit stop some where in between. I arrived at ...

Hi, I'm new here as of today. I have a question.
APPLEJACK1 | Sep 22, 2009 00:25

This is my question. I plan to visit Ningbo China next month. I want to fly from Hong Kong to Ningbo.
Has anyone any information I can use about this flight. I could not look up any flights from Hong Kong, to Ningbo China
on google. I will get my visa in hong Kong, then fly to Ningbo if I can.

Thank YOU, all for any help U can offer.

William Lawrence

Beware of the Zebra
MICKKINCHINA | Nov 24, 2007 12:01

All I can tell you is beware of the zebra crossings! The first thing that you will find when you visit china is that the crossing means very little to most drivers, they will continue to drive across it while people dive out of the way. Chinese highway code says that the pedestrian has the right of way but this still remains to be seen, it’s now only in some of the large cities where they are implementing more strict pedestrian crossing measures. Always remember to Stop, Look, Listen, and then look again and again. He he

Xikou Fenghua City Ningbo August 2014

QIta Temple, Ningbo