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Yangtze River Travel Tips
Your first-hand tips on an area you have been to in China will help other fellow travelers on their trip planning and on-the-spot stay. Please choose one of the specific categories.
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Tricks of Chongqing travel agency for Yangtze cruise boat(2)
By ALICEGAO | 9/25/2006 3:52:47 AM

In the end, our cabin was smaller than your average Chinese toilet, dingy, dirty, smelly and either unpleasantly hot or cold. We were met with amazingly gruff and unfriendly (often bordering on rude) service, aggressive hawking of various wares, etc. We were provided with a "tourguide" who did nothing except show up and ask us to buy tickets. For the two times our tickets <i>were</i> included, she was nowhere to be found and we spent a good part of the time allotted for touring these boring sites looking for her. We were also made to buy a ticket (first priced at 120 kuai each, later "
discounted" to the real price of 40 once we saw that written on the ticket itself) in order to simply go to the parts of the boat where one could see the surrounding scenery, and almost none of the tickets were included. We were asked to pay for almost every one of our stops, excepting two (which noone would really want to see anyway). The worst of which was the actual three gorges dam, where we were not told that our tickets weren't included and we got off the boat, went up in the lift, and suddenly saw our boat departing. We were then completely stuck; buy a ticket to tour the damned dam for 150 kuai or buy a bus ticket to where the boat would meet us for 30.

Long story short, You could say it about doing anything anywhere, but be really careful when you embark on a tour of the three gorges. At all costs avoid 重庆市纵横旅业有限公司 (Chongqing Zongheng Travel agency ltd.), right near the train station!! Don't get ripped off like we did!

Tricks of chongqing travel agency for Yangtze cruise boat (1)
By ALICEGAO | 9/25/2006 3:51:14 AM

Be particularly alert when choosing a service if you're planning a tour of the three gorges area. We, despite our best efforts, were severely ripped off! We were shown luxurious, fantastic photos of first class cabins and after a week of laying low due to an unfortunate accident in which I was burned, we decided to shell out the extra cash for first class - about 1,500 kuai per ticket. We were assured our rooms were the rooms from the picture and all tickets and everything except food was included.

Three Gorges Hydrofoil - The Fast Boat
By JABAROOTOO | 3/12/2007 8:58:11 AM

CHONGQING to WANZHOU to YICHANG in a day by bus and boat.

You may choose to get off at any of these cities to explore but you will need to buy tickets for each segment if you choose this option. Once on board you will find the schedule on the right next to the kiosk in the middle cabin.

Yichang 07.30: 08.30: 10.30: 12.30
Wanzhou 12.25: 13.40: 15.50: 17.40

Wanzhou 07.30 : 10.00 : 12.40
Yichang 13.10 : 15.40 : 17.50

Wanzhou to Wushan Y112?approx 2hrs
Fengjie to Wushan Y45 approx 60 min
Wushan to Badong Y52 approx 60 min
Fengjie to Badong Y92 approx 2 hrs
Badong to Yichang Y100 approx 2hrs

Times are approximate only but total sailing time upstream is 5 hours. The Hydrofoil no longer goes to Yichang, stopping instead at the dam site and ferrying passengers the remaining distance to Yichang by bus. You will be expected to pay Y1 for the fenicular from the hydrofoil to the bus.

Total cost of Hydrofoil and Bus to Chongqing Y380 as of Sept 05
Hydrofoil Y284 may have small service fee attached to this price

Bus from Wanzhou to Chongqing around three hours can be booked on the ferry if you don't want to stop in Wanzhou. Bus Y96

In Wanzhou there is a Fenicular to take passengers up to the terminal so you don't require any help with your luggage.
Fengjie has a lot of stairs so you may like some help.
In Wushan there are just a handful of stairs as the bank is low lying here. Side trip to Lesser Three Gorges.
Badong also has a few stairs. Side trip to Shennong Xi

Always get off the ferry first and check on the number of stairs before engaging a man to carry your luggage.
Y8 appeared to be the going rate.

In Wanzhou a taxi from the terminal up to town or the long distance bus station should cost less than Y10. If the drivers refuse to use the meter, walk outside the yard to find another one who will.

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