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Barbecue at late night | Wuhan | Sep 28, 2006 05:03
People in Wuhan are very good at eating, 'coz there're too many delicious food and snacks here. They even won't waste the time at late night, haha… And the barbecue is the best choice, lots of friends just hang out together, and sit around a small (exactly, tiny and low table) piled up with lots of dishes, and decorated with bottled beer.
It's not the good place to be elegance and shy, but absolutely the very place to eat good food and enjoy friendship.
Bars in Wuhan | Wuhan | Sep 28, 2006 04:51
Bars make the nightlife become more colorful and relaxing.
If you're in Wuhan, you'd better to try the bar named "Soho" which has a very up-to-date music and hot dancing.
While, if you prefer the crazy music played by band, go to "VOX" in where you can watch the live bands show, although they're not so famous, their music is still pretty good. By the way, the drinks in “VOX” are also cheaper than many other bars in Wuhan.
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