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Sanya Travel Tips
Your first-hand tips on an area you have been to in China will help other fellow travelers on their trip planning and on-the-spot stay. Please choose one of the specific categories.
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Transportation in Sanya
By QUEST | 6/16/2015 2:31:12 AM

bus line- English name, Chinese Pinyin & character,bus no.
Sanya Railway station (Sanya huo che zhan)三亚火车站:4,5,10,20,22,30
Sanya General Bus Station(Sanya qiche zongzhan)三亚汽车总站:1,2,5,7,8,10,16, 23
Yalong Bay(yalong wan) 亚龙湾: 15,24,25,27,29
Dadonghai Bay(Dadonghai wan)大东海湾: 2,4,8,15,17,18,19,25,28,29
Sanya Bay(Sanya Wan)三亚湾: 7,8, 15,20,25,26,27,32
Haitang Bay(Haitang Wan)海棠湾: 23,28,29,33
Nanshan Temple (Nanshan si)南山寺: 16,21,25,29
Airport bus line: Phoenix Airport (feng huang jichang)凤凰机场----> Binhai road(binhai lu)(滨海路)---->Jiefang road(jiefang lu) 解放路---->Bus station (qiche zongzha)汽车总站
Bus no.8: Phoenix Airport Airport (feng huang jichang)凤凰机场---->Sanya Bay Resort(Sanya wan dujia cun) 三亚湾度假村----> Haiyue Square (Haiyue guang chuang 海月广场---->Bus station(qiche zongzha)汽车总站----> 1st market (di yi shichang) 第一市场 ---->luhuitou square(luhuitou guangchuang)鹿回头广场--> Dadong hai square(Dadong hai guangchuang) 大东海广场
Bus no.27: Phoenix Airport (feng huang jichang)凤凰机场---->Sanya Bay Resort (Sanya wan dujia cun) 三亚湾度假村----> Haiyue Square(Haiyue guang chuang 海月广场---->Jiyang town (jiyang zhen) 吉阳镇----> Yalong Bay railway station(yalong wan huoche zhan) 亚龙湾火车站---> Yalong bay centre square (yalong wan zhongxin guangchuang)亚龙湾 中心广场--> Yalong bay underwater world (yalong wan haidi shijie) 亚龙湾海底世界
Bus no.32: Phoenix Airport(feng huang jichang)凤凰机场----Sanya Bay New City (Sanya wan xin cheng)三亚湾新城 --- Haiyue Square(Haiyue guang chuang 海月广场----railway station ( huoche zhan) 火车站---> Sanya College (Sanya xue yuan) 三亚学院
Bus no.33: Phoenix Airport(feng huang jichang)凤凰机场---->Duty free(mianshui guangchuang)----> Sheraton Hotel(xilaideng jiudian)喜来登酒店---->Hilton hotel (xi erdun jiu dian ) 希尔顿酒店----> Kempinski hotel (kaibinsiji jiu dian)凯宾斯基酒店--> Haitang Square (haitang guangchuang) 海棠光创

The Beach in Sanya
By CALLMECLAUDE | 1/12/2009 8:00:31 PM

Nice place to be. Booming city and lot of Buses, taxi, moto-taxi etc...

Buses is the best way to travel in Sanya follow by the moto-taxi, taxi cab always charge a fix rate.

Also when shopping always bargain. You can same almost 40% if not more.

bring your own sunblock
By JANSKU | 7/14/2007 10:12:54 PM

4 words for a sanya visitor: bring your own sunblock. Local brands really don't work (i'm all red now...) and western brands are 1) really hard to find 2) unbelievably expensive when found.

This will get you salivating!!!!
By JABAROOTOO | 1/30/2007 7:01:26 AM

I can't wait to try this and if you're travelling to Sanya in the coming months you may also be interested in somewhere to get a great feed.

The "Mediterranea" offers authentic food from the mediterranean: Italian pizza and pasta, Spanish tapas, Greek grilled meat and barbeque fish, Arabic sauces and spices, and Turkish desserts...

It also has choice of vegetarian dishes and a non-smoking area.

Address: Hainan Island, Sanya City, Xi He Xi Road, Mediterranea restaurant
Tel: +86 0898 88252548
Fax: +86 0898 88255007

Sanya Hilton @ Yalong Bay
By BIRDIEJK | 7/10/2006 12:27:45 AM

For a romantic get-away and to indulge in pure pampering plus a world of gastronomic delights, stay at the new Hilton Sanya Resort & Spa. Its on the magnificent Yalong Bay with pristine beaches and crystal clear waters.

Hilton Sanya Resort & Spa
Yalong Bay National Resort District
Sanya, China
Tel 86 (898) 8858 8888
Fax 86 (898) 8858 8588

Hilton Reservations Worldwide
800 820 0600 (toll-free in China)
resort at 0898 8858 8888

Promo: 1 Mar - 30 Jun 06
RMB2998 nett weekend/weekday
(2 nites in Bay Rm Scenic View - not seaview), daily breakfast for 2 pax PLUS 2 Yalong Bay Golf Club green fee coupons OR 2 sessions of aromatherapy at the Spa Retreat OR one of each)

[check out their promos if this offer has lapsed]

Golden Kitool Hotel
By CALIFORNIA | 3/1/2006 9:17:06 AM

Hainan is a nice place for relaxing,and Sanya is the best city in Hainan!
Yalong Bay is the best beach in China,and the sand was white and soft.
If you go there,Golden Kitool Hotel is a good choice,and it is a 4 stars hotel,at the seaside,near Yalong Bay!You can go the beach on foot from the hotel.

Travel Tips on Sanya Hainan Island
By CADDIELU | 10/26/2005 3:32:12 AM


The beaches are spacious with fine light sand, extremly flat – and wast! The Chinese shy sun like devil the holy water – and leave the beaches to the long noses. In general sunbeds and sunshades on the hotel beaches are free of charge – no need for the German morning run down to the beach to cover the best sunbeds with the towels. Be aware of the ropes out in the sea which protect the swimming areas from motor boats: some of them are entirely covered by tiny shells with knivelike edges!

Sanya Bay is the beach south of the airport. Short transfers and only minor noise from the airport. Quiet beach hotels, no further infrastructure.

Dadong Hai Bay is the beach next to the city. Ideal for guests focussing on shopping, nightlife and dining out in various restaurants.

Yalong Bay east of Sanya is the sportive beach with the island’s best hotels.

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