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  • Sanya diaries
    QUEST | Jun 16, 2015 02:56

    5 nights and 6 days in Sanya China [br] After a long travel in the train we finally arrived in Sanya railway station at around 10 am in the morning although we had expected to arrive 2-3 hours earlier.  After checking in we had lunch and visited the Sanya bay which was about 2 minute away from our hotel apartment. In the bay we swam and enjoyed ourselves. After about 3-4 hours we returned back to our apartment and took a dive in the apartment swimming pool. It ...

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    ZHANG TIANHUI | Mar 25, 2012 15:11
  • Some Tips about Sanya Travel
    BL2022 | Feb 10, 2011 00:49
  • My Winter Vacation in Warm Sanya
    LEOSTAR | Mar 3, 2010 00:12
  • A Pearl in Paradise_Yalong Wan
    JABAROOTOO | Jan 3, 2009 02:23
The Beach in Sanya
CALLMECLAUDE | Jan 12, 2009 20:00

Nice place to be. Booming city and lot of Buses, taxi, moto-taxi etc...

Buses is the best way to travel in Sanya follow by the moto-taxi, taxi cab always charge a fix rate.

Also when shopping always bargain. You can same almost 40% if not more.

bring your own sunblock
JANSKU | Jul 14, 2007 22:12

4 words for a sanya visitor: bring your own sunblock. Local brands really don't work (i'm all red now...) and western brands are 1) really hard to find 2) unbelievably expensive when found.

Sanya relaxing time in 2018

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