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  • Sanya diaries
    QUEST | Jun 16, 2015 02:56

    5 nights and 6 days in Sanya China [br] After a long travel in the train we finally arrived in Sanya railway station at around 10 am in the morning although we had expected to arrive 2-3 hours earlier.  After checking in we had lunch and visited the Sanya bay which was about 2 minute away from our hotel apartment. In the bay we swam and enjoyed ourselves. After about 3-4 hours we returned back to our apartment and took a dive in the apartment swimming pool. It ...

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    ZHANG TIANHUI | Mar 25, 2012 15:11
  • Some Tips about Sanya Travel
    BL2022 | Feb 10, 2011 00:49
  • My Winter Vacation in Warm Sanya
    LEOSTAR | Mar 3, 2010 00:12
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    JABAROOTOO | Jan 3, 2009 02:23
Transportation in Sanya
QUEST | Jun 16, 2015 02:31

bus line- English name, Chinese Pinyin & character,bus no.
Sanya Railway station (Sanya huo che zhan)三亚火车站:4,5,10,20,22,30
Sanya General Bus Station(Sanya qiche zongzhan)三亚汽车总站:1,2,5,7,8,10,16, 23
Yalong Bay(yalong wan) 亚龙湾: 15,24,25,27,29
Dadonghai Bay(Dadonghai wan)大东海湾: 2,4,8,15,17,18,19,25,28,29
Sanya Bay(Sanya Wan)三亚湾: 7,8, 15,20,25,26,27,32
Haitang Bay(Haitang Wan)海棠湾: 23,28,29,33
Nanshan Temple (Nanshan si)南山寺: 16,21,25,29
Airport bus line: Phoenix Airport (feng huang jichang)凤凰机场----> Binhai road(binhai lu)(滨海路)---->Jiefang road(jiefang lu) 解放路---->Bus station (qiche zongzha)汽车总站
Bus no.8: Phoenix Airport Airport (feng huang jichang)凤凰机场---->Sanya Bay Resort(Sanya wan dujia cun) 三亚湾度假村----> Haiyue Square (Haiyue guang chuang 海月广场---->Bus station(qiche zongzha)汽车总站----> 1st market (di yi shichang) 第一市场 ---->luhuitou square(luhuitou guangchuang)鹿回头广场--> Dadong hai square(Dadong hai guangchuang) 大东海广场
Bus no.27: Phoenix Airport (feng huang jichang)凤凰机场---->Sanya Bay Resort (Sanya wan dujia cun) 三亚湾度假村----> Haiyue Square(Haiyue guang chuang 海月广场---->Jiyang town (jiyang zhen) 吉阳镇----> Yalong Bay railway station(yalong wan huoche zhan) 亚龙湾火车站---> Yalong bay centre square (yalong wan zhongxin guangchuang)亚龙湾 中心广场--> Yalong bay underwater world (yalong wan haidi shijie) 亚龙湾海底世界
Bus no.32: Phoenix Airport(feng huang jichang)凤凰机场----Sanya Bay New City (Sanya wan xin cheng)三亚湾新城 --- Haiyue Square(Haiyue guang chuang 海月广场----railway station ( huoche zhan) 火车站---> Sanya College (Sanya xue yuan) 三亚学院
Bus no.33: Phoenix Airport(feng huang jichang)凤凰机场---->Duty free(mianshui guangchuang)----> Sheraton Hotel(xilaideng jiudian)喜来登酒店---->Hilton hotel (xi erdun jiu dian ) 希尔顿酒店----> Kempinski hotel (kaibinsiji jiu dian)凯宾斯基酒店--> Haitang Square (haitang guangchuang) 海棠光创

The Beach in Sanya
CALLMECLAUDE | Jan 12, 2009 20:00

Nice place to be. Booming city and lot of Buses, taxi, moto-taxi etc...

Buses is the best way to travel in Sanya follow by the moto-taxi, taxi cab always charge a fix rate.

Also when shopping always bargain. You can same almost 40% if not more.

Sanya relaxing time in 2018

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