The most beautiful places of China:-)
Oct 26, 2005 22:26
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This activity was held by "China National Geography",appraised and chosen by experts and crowd,and the result came out!
1.The most beautiful Mountains(Top10)
Nanjiabawa Peak(Tibet),Gonga Mount.(Sichuan),Everest(Tibet),Meili Snow Mount.(Yunnan),Yellow Mount.(Anhui),Daocheng Sanshen Mount.(Sichuan),Qiaogeli Peak(Xinjiang),Gangrenboqi Peak(Tibet),Tai Mount.(Shandong),Emei Mount.(Sichuan);

2.The most beautiful Lakes(Top5)
Qinghai Lake(Qinghai),Kanasi Lake(Xinjiang),Namucuo(Tibet),Tian Chi in Changbaishan(Jilin),West Lake(Zhejiang);

3.The most beautiful Waterfall(Top6)
Zangbubadong Waterfall(Tibet),Detian Waterfall(Guangxi),Hukou Waterfall(Shanxi and Shaanxi),Jiulong Waterfall(Yunnan),Nuorlang Waterfall(Sichuan),Huangguoshu Waterfall(Guizhou);

4.The most beautiful Grassland(Top6)
Hulunbeir Grassland(Innermongolia),Yili Grassland(Xinjiang),Xilinguole Grassland(Innermongolia),West Sichuan Grassland(Sichuan),Naqu Grassland(Tibet),Qianlianshan Grassland(Qinghai and Guansu);

Oct 26, 2005 23:04
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I think Great Wall is the greatest ,and the same as Terra Cotta Warriors
maybe they are listed in the Great Wonderes ?
Oct 26, 2005 23:06
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what about the most beautiful citie ? the most beautiful architectures ? the most beautiful ancient reserves ?
Oct 27, 2005 00:25
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5.The most beautiful Gorge(Top10)
Yaluzangbu Gorge(Tibet);
Jinshajiang Tiger Gorge(Yunnan);
Changjiang Gorge(Chongqing and Hubei);
Nujiang Gorge(Tibet and Yunnan);
Lancangjiang Meili Gorge(Yunnan);
Tailuge Gorge(Taiwan);
Yellow River Gorge(Innermongolia,Shanxi and Shaanxi);
Dadu River Jinkou Gorge(Sichuan);
Taihang Mount. Gorge(Beijing,Hebei,Henan and Shanxi);
Tianshan Kuche Gorge(Xinjiang);

6.The most beautiful Forest(Top10)
Tianshan Xueling Spruce Forest(Xinjiang);
Changbaishan Larchen Mixed Forest(Jilin);
Jianfengling Tropic(Hainan);
Baima Gaoshan Cuckoo Forest(Yunnan);
Bomigang Linzhi Spruce Forest(Tibet);
Xishuangbanna Tropic(Yunnan);
Luntai Huyang Forest(Xinjiang);
Libo Kasite Forest(Guizhou);
North Daxinganling Larchen Forest(Heilongjiang and Innermongolia);
Bamboo Sea(Sichuan);

7.The most beautiful Islands(Top10)
Xisha Archipelago (South Sea);
Weizhou Island(Beihai,Guangxi);
Nansha Archipelago (South Sea);
Penghu Archipelago(Taiwan Channel);
Nanji Island(Wenzhou,Zhejiang);
Miaodao Archipelago(Chang island,Shandong);
Putuoshan Island(Zhejiang);
Linjinyu and Nandian Island(Zhangzhou,Fujian);
Hailing Island(Yangjiang,Guangdong);

Oct 27, 2005 00:27
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8.The most beautiful Desert(Top5)
Bdanjilin Desert(Innermongolia)
Takelamagan Desert(Xinjiang)
Guerbantongrte Desert(Xinjiang)
Mingshashan and Yueyaquan(Gansu)

9.The most beautiful Downtown(Top6)
Xiamen Gulangyu(Fujian);
Suzhou Old Downtown(Jiangsu);
Macao History Downtown;
Qingdao Badaguan(Shandong);
Beijing Shachahai;

10.The most beautiful Village and Town(Top6)
Danba Tibetan Village(Sichuan);
Honghe Dayang Street Hanichu Village(Yunnan);
Tuwa Village at the side of Kanasi Lake(Xinjiang);
Liping Zhaoxing Dongchu Houses(Guizhou);
Wuyun Ming and Qing Dynasty Villages(Jiangxi);
Lijiang Dayan Town(Yunnan);

11.The most beautiful Coast and Beach(Top8)
Yalong Bay(Sanya,Hainan);
Dongzhigang Red Forest(Qiongshan,Hainan);
Changli Golden Bay(Hebei);
Victoria Bay(Hong Kong);
Chongwu Coast(Hui’an Fujian);
Dapeng Peninsula Beach(Shenzhen,Guangzhou);

12.The most beautiful Glacier(Top6)
Rongbu Glacier(Tibet);
Tuomur Glacier (Xinjiang);
Hailuogou Glacier (Sichuan);
Midiu Glacier (Tibet);
Telamukanli Glacier (Xinjiang);
Toumingmengke Glacier (Gansu).

Oct 27, 2005 00:29
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To Marco Polo:Most of the range of this activity are Nature View.But you can tell us about your favorite:-)

Oct 27, 2005 01:46
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Hi, Cali, you are a real travel fan. I am curious that among those best ones you mention above, how many places you have been to?? :)
Oct 27, 2005 01:47
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Have you been to Tianchi in Changbaishan in Jilin this National Holiday?
Oct 27, 2005 01:55
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To Peacock:These places were all about nature view,usually,when we went out for travelling,we chosen more cities then the natural places!Actually,I have been to the whole Innermongolia,including Grassland,Desert,Gebi,Huyang Forest and Nuor......
BTW,I didn't go to Changbaishan in the Nation Day holiday,I just returned my hometown and saw my family!

Oct 27, 2005 02:00
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Well, Cali, you are lucky enough. You can go back to your hometown. I intended to go home on the National Holiday, but I couldn't. The holiday was too short for me!!
Oct 27, 2005 02:04
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7 days off was too short for you???where are you working now???
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