Nanning,Guangxi marriage
Jan 26, 2006 01:41
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Why is,Nanning,appear to be off the,popular,of
tourist,cities,in China.It appears,there are more
stories,and marriages,of,single,divorced,women,
with children,who wish to marry,Americans,and men
from,other countries,for second husbands,than,men
in,China?The travel,tours,here in,america,will not
actually,give me a quote,for a trip,to,Nanning.It
was suggested,that,I contact,a Chinese,travel,agen
t,and to fly,on,a Chinese,airline.To also maybe,
book,my own,arrangements.I was told,Nanning,has a
seperate,distinction,when it comes to,Americans,
who wish to visit,places,most are okay,except for
Nanning,and a few other are not considered,for
part of their tours,of China.
Just wondering!Still,its generally,ok,for a
American,to marry a,woman,and bring her to America
30 days,is the rule,and the womans visas,are,hard
to pass,without,at least one denial.Why,is it so
expensive to be married,in,Nanning,compared to other areas,of China?Why,do they seperate,the logo
refering,to"getting married in Nanning,as being
governed,by a different of laws,for marriage?
Thank You. Its supposed to be expensive for
me to be married;yet,the marriage,laws,and regulat
ions,dispict,marriage,as simple,no fee,except,for
the red letter,and the only large expense,is the
Red Carpet"which is not mandatory.
I do not,believe,everything is accurate,as
everyone,describes,the wedding differently.

Thanks Again
James blueyankee
Jan 26, 2006 07:30
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Hi, you have many questions.....

I have been to Nanning two times in the last two years. I found Nanning to be a very warm and friendly place for an American to visit. You will enjoy it I am sure. China Southern Airlines has a very affordable and frequent flight from Los Angeles (LAX) direct to Guangzhou (CAN) and then a short, one-hour connecting flight to Nanning.

A friend of mine, who is married to a woman from Nanning, and lives in America, has a wonderful web site, with a wealth of information on Nanning. I think his site will answer any questions you may have on the subject:

Best wishes on your success !! rogerinca
Jan 26, 2006 15:45
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And....for those [others] of you interested in the city of Nanning, here's a photo which I borrowed from the homepage of the web site: to use here in this post.

In the photo you will see the International hotel to the left side. It is a wonderful hotel with a wonderful staff and it was remodeled extensively last year. Next to the hotel is a wonderful and beautiful park called South Lake Park. It is a very romantic and special place to walk hand-in-hand with that very special someone in your life !! :) :)

Every city in China has its own unique identify and feel and special qualities. I will soon write a review on Nanning as I have done on Guangzhou. I must say I have a real affinity for Nanning, and as Rob' says "once you have visited Nanning, you will want to return again!!"

As you may feel in my writing, my love for China and its people, does not ever diminish, it grows more each day!!!

Jan 26, 2006 20:58
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Thank you for your kind comments James !! If I can be of more help, please send me a note.
Feb 13, 2006 17:49
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Hi Blue Yankee. Tell me - are you married to a woman from Nanning?

I am, we were married in Nanning in Dec 2004. I made all of my own arrangements. I found it very inexpensive and ofcourse I allowed Ling to do much of the negotiating in China - she save me lots of money. Nanning people typically are very friendly and a guy form the USA should have little trouble in Nanning. Oh, Phoenix Hotel is very accomidating in Nanning.

Guangxi Province is an Autonomous Province and so it's rules and fees may be quite different from other provinces. But, i found the marriage process inexpensive and the wedding dinner @ a 4 star hotel for 80 people was about $500 - Not bad..

A woman can get a fiancee visa and come to the USA - she needs to marry within 90 days or return to china.. As long as all the paper work is correct, well organized, truthful - and, providing the man can meet financial reqirements, a visa should be no peroblem. The Visa center is concerned to uncover bogus relationship, no love, no money, false reasons, ect. A good relationhsip needs to be demonstrated with letters, records of trips to china, pictures, emails, and the ability to support your wife.. If these things are demonstrated there should be little problems with denial of the application.

good luck

Feb 13, 2006 19:20
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This is interesting - there seems to be plenty of search results on the Net with this topic (Nanning/Marriage) that tells you virtually nothing.

It does not seem that the American Consulate in Guangzhou was not overly helpful in one fellow's experience. Perhaps a mystery single-men-appreciating-Chinese-women should investigate?

Feb 13, 2006 19:48
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I am an Australian citizen, and I have been to Nanning, have met a wonderul woman over over the internet,communicated with her with e-mail chat and phone calls, inc text have stayed there a month and got engaged: Have now applied for a visa for her. cost($4000.00 including immigration fee and agents fee) and am now waiting for some response from the embassy in which there is a complete silence. My question is Why does it take so long?
Our date for marriage was set for 5-3-56, day before by bithday, six months have passed..from when the forms were I am wishing I had married her over there! and save myself all this trouble!
After she gets permanent residency, my plan eventually is to stay in Nanning 9 months of every year.

Feb 14, 2006 01:48
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Thanks to all of you! If you don't mind.I will
need some information similiar,to the $500.8000,
approx.RMB.S/ This is exactly,what my fiancee,are
going to do.even though she does prefer,the Red
Envelope,and Red Carpet.I have done a lot of rese
arch,and if its accurate,the reception,will be my
main expense.The marriage will cost,nothing,and no
ceremony.I am still researching,all the possibilities,for the laws,and regulations,American and Chinas.All I have to do,
is see,if my information,is workable,and give it
my best shot.I have to take all my documentation,
my problem,is hers,as she has little idea,of the
complete process.If,everything goes well,I will
have a few choices,to be married the quickest,if
not,the hardest is her,English.and the long waiting,period,which is sure to happen.
Sorry,for being long winded.I love my woman,and
the punch line is,I still have a supportive income
but,not much extra,for the unexpected.The budget,
is,tight.I gave my word,and love,so I,must not
disappoint her.I do believe,many men,pay more for
the marriages,than needed.A friend of mine spent
over,$5000.00,I guess he wanted to impress a lot
of people,including my fiancee.He is wealthy,so
I guess he flaunts it.
Thank you all,and I will ask questions,of you
from time to time.The pressure is on for me,to
marry her soon.
Sincerely, James
Jun 24, 2006 20:36
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Hi rogerinca,

I do go to the website you rec (, but it seems the creator is using the website making money instead. I don't mind to pay if thing is getting done, but it just doesn't sound right to pay first without getting to the issue yet. Anyway, do you know any guy looking for a chinese woman, particular in Nanning, or any website regarding USA male looking for future chinese wife?

Appreciate your response!
Jun 24, 2006 21:31
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Is this 1 of the main reason why so many westerners are here ?
Jul 1, 2006 21:27
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I have found a lady, in Nanning.
But, I want to go slow. Plan is
girlfriend, lover and then marriage.
Wondering what I have to do, to make that
work? Leaving in August 06. What about
the police, do they have to be told
you have a girlfriend? How do you keep
the girlfriend, separtate from being seen as a
prositute? Need some solid advice.
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