Nanning,Guangxi marriage
Jul 1, 2006 21:43
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You do not have to tell the police you have a girl friend but on your Visa form they will ask you the address where you will be staying and how long.If you will be staying with your lady and are not married it will not look good.You should stay in a hotel.Word of advice..if she should ask you to Register to marry and you do ARE is not like in the US where you go to the courthouse and get a marriage license and then you get married..
How is your spoken Chinese and how is her English?
Jul 1, 2006 22:47
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Why do u have that notion that your g/friend would be mistaken as a prostitute, in the first place ?
Jul 2, 2006 12:29
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The US counsulete, in Guangzhou.
as in Shnaghai.

Has chinese who operate the interviews.

In 1993, my wife then was refused 2 times.

I called the manage of Guangzhou from Oklahoma,
told him he was playing marriage advisor.
I contacted the USA State Department at the same
time in Washington.

I followed by a letter to both. Few days later, I recieved word my chinese wife had her visa approved.

My point is the chinese, while nice, are there to find problems. Yet, the do not know our coulture. Living in the countryside. I have often raise a calf, and later used it for meet.
I told my wife, and wife produced the letter I sent her. Seem's the chinese workers in the Guangzhou embassy did not believe this letter, and thus me.

You must fight your own country if you feel you are right. You must be willing to do what it takes to get the fair treatment for her visa.

My marriage last 9 years, the US counsulete said it will only last 2 years.

Now, I can see, marry a chinese lady again.

I hope the treatment is more fair today. But, I fear not so.

Next time, I shall be there with here in the Guangzhou US office.

Hope this experience can help you.
Jul 2, 2006 20:00
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Obviously they don't feel anything wrong with their country.
Foreigners should learn to understand more of the countries they are interested in - not the other way round. Don't go to another country & expect them to be like yours. The world is bigger than the USA.

Jul 2, 2006 21:09
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Thanks for the comment. Much appreciated.

My Visa, plan is to ident the Hotel.

Not, to ident the extended stay plan after 5 days.

She is paying for the stay there, for 5 days,
and book the room for me.

After, I am invited to live with her. Maybe, I can pay rent, as a means to show, I am not getting some living space for free.

She, seem's to say. The police are not a
problem in Nanning.

What say You?

Jul 2, 2006 21:18
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Hi...For the same reason LoveChina2, has stated.
It is generally known that a foreiner cannot live, unmarried in the same home wit a chinese lady, without been seen as a prositute.

Now, she states this is not a problem.

I am here, trying to get valuable information/guidence on how to proceed.

In that. I do not wish to marry fast, and frankly, living with her, offers the best way to learn her character, amd lfie style.

Example, would you relaly want to marry a lady and later find she keeps a really messy kitchen, and house. Does not clean, regularly?, etc...

I am starting to think. The Quangxi area is weak in financial strength. Thus, maybe somethings done in Quangxi, are not done equally in say Zhejiang province. Another example of legal difference. Drionking Beer and then driving is more tolerated in Zhejiang province, versus in beijing, it is not tolerated...I felt that was amazing.

Reply. apreciated.
Jul 2, 2006 21:24
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I understand this. You may have the wrong impression, as I am the most repsecting of
any country I have visited.

The toursit problem is the "law" and further.
I have seen, china change a lot since 1993.

But, it is a fact. I have stroled the countryaise, and cities, withou having been asked fo rmy passport. Passport are asked for at travel ports, bus/train, plane. And at banks.
At hotels, it really depends on who your with.
You follow?

It also depends on the position of the family your marrying into.

But, make no mistake. To not respect the countries law, is asking for trouble. Unloess you have a government person with you.

Thanks for the comment
Jul 2, 2006 22:27
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As for your lady saying that you can stay with her.Yes,this is true but you have to understand that she may be looking at it as you WILL marry her and if for some reason you don't marry her she will loose face.Because you are dealing with cross culture sometimes we look at things from a American stand point and not looking at the differences of the meaning in their culture.
Jul 3, 2006 00:24
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That's a good piece of advice, LoveChina.
Yes, do be careful.
Jul 3, 2006 05:01
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Yes, I understand your point.
Not sure why, several writers are thinking,
I do not understand this culture in China.
It is an old american culture.

It is best to get above this chinese culture
commentary. I mean, no disrespect. but, I understand all of the writers points on this culture topic.

Allow to me to repeat.

I know what I wish to do. Why" Because. I have learned the hard-way about marry fast. So,
in this regard. Which is more important?
My making a repeat error, or chinese culture.

I will be in a hotel at the outset. Then after I am there, shall make an agreed decision with her, and her family.

My intentions are honorable. Other men should make their own decisions, too.

Understand. having traveled to Hnagzhou sinc 1993.

I have seen great changes. One thing has not changed. The ability for the party to ignore the rules. Examples, foreigners require passport at the hotel, upon arrival. That is not always true.

Thamks for comments.

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