Children's Village in Xi'an
Mar 9, 2006 18:29
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Then u can give up books.

Actually it would be good enough if you spend time with them and play games together.

They need care.
Mar 9, 2006 18:34
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To ROGERINCA, I am much inspired by what you are doing.

What kind of work are you doing in Guanghzou/Huadu? Special-need children? Or help them to be adopted by foreign families?

I would like to know details and see if i can be of help for this is also what I am interested in.
Mar 9, 2006 21:28
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Yes, Mermaid, you have touched on the key point !!! Human interaction, really more than money !!

Yes, children’s books are important, and reading and talking to them and sharing things like simple little magic tricks, things that make them laugh and exercise their little minds !!!

Even if they cannot understand all of the English, or other non-native language, they understand the universal language of love, joy, and the warmth of caring interaction from one human being to another !!!!

I will send you a PM to answer or clarify other questions you had ! :) :)
Mar 9, 2006 23:55
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That's great,Rogerinca.

What we unerline is equality. Dont give with a descending attitude. Instead, treat them equally.

This is a chance not for the children only but also for us, to give, to care and to be loved.

If we give with a descending hand, it will hurt and won't last.

Their current poverty is not caused by their own. We, as the member of their common family, should care as much as we can.

Love your neighbor as yourself.
Oct 14, 2008 19:26
PLease I would like to know if in Xian has american elementary school for my son.
Thank you.
Jan 2, 2009 18:59
GUEST17428 We volunteeer at Madam Zhangs village in Beijing once a month for an evening to celebrate birthdays. This place is nothing short of inspiring and worthy of all the assistance any one us care to give. You can mail direct or through several worthy programs. You can visit on line and see the ways of helping like child sponsorship by typing in Sun Village Beijing and doing some Google searches. The vision for this centre is simply mindboggling we first saw it in 2000 when it was without heat and had two helpers. The children were caring for each other and the love between the children even in those early days was something you rarely see in institutions here. Today currently there are 7 children in University. To those familiar with our systems here for village children in loving homes to get the academic scores need to go to University is a very tall order yet alone children who at some stage had their education and their lives turned upside down.
Mar 3, 2015 22:18
GUEST65188 Hello all,

I realize this discussion is quite old. I'm wondering if the places named here are still valid? I have an organization that brings groups of teachers to China each summer. This year, we're looking for places to also volunteer or bring supplies to. I appreciate any advice or leads!

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