plane ticket costs
Apr 21, 2006 23:20
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so how much did you all pay for plane tickets to china? who did you buy the tickets through? and how early did you buy them?

also, i'm annoyed that some travel websites won't let me buy a one-way ticket there.
Apr 22, 2006 03:39
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Really? Where did you buy the ticket?
I just bought one, on the website (the english website is I ordered it a week early. It's one-way. Tomorrow i'll go to the airplane and get it directly from a counter there. i paid by credit card.
Apr 22, 2006 10:25
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This should not be a problem which causes you any frustration !!

There are many agents who advertise here at TCG, who offer good rates (see right side banners). Also, you can double check most airfares at a discount site such as
I have found that airfare from the USA to China is very reasonable. However, if you book very close to your departure date, it may cost more than if you had booked 15 to 30 days in advance.

The only issue with a one-way ticket, is maybe some extra security (passenger profile) at the airport, for a person who either pays cash for the ticket and/or only purchases a one-way ticket. Most Americans traveling to China, do not purchase one-way tickets unless they have long-term residence in China !!

When are you planning on going and to what city/region ?? Try to get a non-stop flight to China if you can. It is less stressful the first time, to not have to change planes and or airlines in another foreign city. Major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco, all have direct flights available to either Guangzhou in the south, or Shanghai, or Beijing in the north, depending on which airport and airline you use.

Have a great trip !!! :) :)

May 10, 2006 22:10
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I am planning to use Ctrip to book domestic tickets in CHina using credit card issued in USA. Just want to know if that is a good idea. ANyone has past experience?
Mar 29, 2008 07:28
GUEST36203 I have F category Chinese could I reserve a one way ticket to China, Thanks
Mar 30, 2008 08:49
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Nov 5, 2008 05:45
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Hi , Can you suggest some very reliable travel agencies in shanghai whom I can contact on e mail to buy a Shangahi to Mumbai ticket .
Nov 30, 2008 17:43
GUEST58238 Need info on flight cost from Lagos, Nigeria to Pune in India and Pune to Beijing, China
Dec 4, 2008 14:31
GUEST11511 thanks
Dec 11, 2008 16:40
GUEST03354 I just need to find the cost of a plane ticket for a school project and I am not really looking for a real ticket.
I am really annoyed to!
Dec 11, 2008 17:38
GUEST82165 how much does a plane ticket cost if i am in tornto Canada to sicily Italy? pleae help me!!!
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