train travel from Beijing to Pingyao to Shanghai
Mar 8, 2009 07:29
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No, you can't buy Pingyao -- Beijing tickets in Xi'an. Contact your Pingyao guesthouse ahead of time and ask them to pre-buy your Pingyao -- Beijing train tickets. Otherwise, you might want to consider flying.
Mar 15, 2009 05:37
GUESTSHARON Hi again Ellyse,

Do the train people let us buy a ticket from Xian to Beijing via Pingyao and not use that portion until Pingyao? ie. we have the ticket for the full journey but not get in the train until Pingyao with the entire journey reserved.
Mar 21, 2009 00:45
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No, your reservations will be gone by then. They collate the no-show information and sell them off to other passengers who want to upgrade.
Apr 6, 2009 01:51
GUESTSARA Good Afternoon,

I am a Travel Agent from Australia and have some clients wishing to travel by train from either:
1. Xian to Pingyao and then to Beijing
2. Beijing to Pingyao and then back to Beijing.

Which routing would be better? Also, are there only overnight trains? How long is the journey and approximately how much does this cost?

If someone could help me with this information, I would really appreciate it!!!

Thanks in advance.
Apr 6, 2009 22:20
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I think the 1st one would be better as it involves less backtracking -- I presume they're going to both Xi'an and Beijing.
Cost would depend on your choice of seat/sleeper/bunk.

Xi'an -- Pingyao:
1096 (0240--1212) 9h32min
1676/1673 (1144--2053) 9h09min
2670 (2116--0634) 9h18min
2672 (2254--0656) 8h02min

Beijing -- Pingyao:
K603 (1705--0532) 12h27min
1163 (1903--0731) 12h28min
2602/2603 (2345--1436) 14h51min

Pingyao -- Beijing:
2604/2601 (1237--0400) 15h23min
K604 (1908--0628) 11h20min
1164 (2149--1023) 12h34min

I might be able to help you with Xi'an -- Pingyao or Beijing -- Pingyao train tickets. Email to|ellyse99 and put "TravelChinaGuide" and your own username in the subject line.
Apr 7, 2009 01:51
GUESTSARA Thanks Ellyse,

I will have a look and if I have any questions, will get back to you.

Thanks again.
Apr 7, 2009 06:54
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No problem, you're welcome.
Sep 4, 2009 02:40
GUEST56248 Man, Ellyse, you're all over these transit things. Maybe you can help. I'm an American about to be stranded in Beijing over the National Holiday and I thought Hohhot, Pingyao and Chengde would be a good trip, with most time in Hohhot. My order might be backward or inside out!

Do you know about trains/flights that might connect these easily? Thanks so much for any help -- I can't figure out the schedules.

Bob McLuckie (|bobmcluckie)
Sep 5, 2009 01:41
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Hohhot -- Pingyao:
1674/1675 (1320--0118) 11h58min
2462/2463 (1819--0627) 12h08min

If you can't get sleeper tickets, try for hard seat, or else go to Baotou as these trains originate from there.
To get to Chengde after that, get a bus/overnight train to Beijing, then bus to Chengde. No direct train for this route.

Pingyao -- Beijing:
2604/2601 (1316--0400) 14h44min

Pingyao -- Beijing West:
K604 (1908--0628) 11h20min
1164 (2149--1023) 12h34min

Arriving at Beijing West train station is perhaps better as the buses to Chengde seem to depart from there. If the bus goes on the expressway it should take around 2 hours to Chengde.
If you have problems getting train tickets for Hohhot -- Pingyao or Pingyao -- Beijing, fly Hohhot -- Taiyuan or Taiyuan -- Beijing. Taiyuan can be connected to Pingyao via bus.
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