train travel from Beijing to Pingyao to Shanghai
Aug 20, 2008 18:15
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Xi'an is a good connecting station. For others, refer to, it tells you where to change trains.

Also, you may want to check the railway map at to see where to connect.
Aug 20, 2008 21:56
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John, we're replying re the Yulin -- Pingyao request. Not Pingyao -- Shanghai!
Xi'an is a "good" connecting station, but decent tickets out of Xi'an are usually not easy to get.
Aug 21, 2008 16:03
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Oops. Sorry. From Yulin to Pingyao, Xi'an is also a good connecting point, as you said. For Yulin-->Pingyao, see

My previous answer itself for Pingyao-->Shanghai was right, but maybe answered the wrong Q.

But I think the original question GAIA asked was "I would like to take a train from Pingyao to Shanghai to visit Suzhou, Kunshan and Hangzhou and then go to Yangshou via Guilin by air." And then RUNNERMORE answered "There's no direct train from Pingyao to Shanghai." And then mentioned K371/K374 (the time he quoted for this train is not correct, though).

And then a guest changed the question before the original Q was answered. So I think, Ellyse, your answer and my answer of connecting at Xi'an are good for either "Pingyao to Shanghai" Q or "Yulin to Pingyao" Q.
Jan 16, 2009 22:27
GUEST10137 How/where can I get train tickets to Pingyao from Beijing? Can I reserve a return ticket? thanks
Jan 20, 2009 04:28
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Eh, when are you travelling? If you're trying to do Beijing -- Pingyao anytime before mid-February, tickets might be hard to get.
Feb 15, 2009 23:34
GUEST80239 Is there any train from Xian to Pingyao ?
Feb 16, 2009 02:35
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Yes, in fact there're seven!

1726 (10723--1629) 9h06min --> leaves from Xi'an South train station
1676/1673 (1220--2053) 8h33min
K6 (1227--2218) 9h51min
1486 (1236--2112) 8h36min --> leaves from Xi'an South train station
K5 (1320--0223)
2536 (2007--0543) 9h36min
2672 (2318--0755) 8h37min

You might only be able to get decent tickets for 1676 and 2672, as those two originate in Xi'an.
Mar 2, 2009 15:12
GUESTSHARON Hi there Elyse, you seem to be very knowledgeable! Can you please tell me why everyone tells me it's very difficult to get a soft sleeper from Pingyao to Beijing? We would ideally like to sleep on the train to save day time for sightseeing. Is there any reasonable way around this? Should we go back a couple of stations? We are only staying in Pingyao for 2 days so not early enough (say 10 days) to be able to book well in advance. Thanks in advance!
Mar 3, 2009 03:50
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Might be easier for Taiyuan -- Beijing.
Reason why Pingyao -- Beijing is difficult is because no trains originate at Pingyao (this is a relatively small station) and also because of high tourist demand.
Contact a guesthouse in Pingyao to get you tickets in advance.
Mar 7, 2009 15:19

Thanks for your help. What is your best advice...try to find a day train to go from Pingyao to Beijing or tough it out and first get to Taiyuan and then find soft sleeper on to Beijing. The thing is even if we sit for 2 hours to go to Taiyuan first, I guess it's not a guarantee we will get a sleeper right? Not only that, there's always a chance the bus/train is delayed and we miss our connection. We come the day before Pingyao from Xian. Do they sell tickets leaving Pingyao in Xian? I am starting to give up hope and may skip Pingyao. My husband is very tall 198 and not sure if he can handle 6-7 hour bus to Bejing from Pingyao. If that is super smooth, then it's not so bad.

Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks in advance,
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