Life in Harbin
Aug 24, 2006 01:48
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I currently live in Harbin, and have done so for the last 10 months. So I might not be an expert but I can answer a lot of questions and guide many people in the right direction, concerning ,places to stay,where to eat ,where to visit ,and especially where to party.Will gladly supply tour service of Harbin to single english speaking females.Knowledge of the language limited but can help you get by.
Aug 25, 2006 04:04
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U can provide so many services - very impressed. But why is your offer only to single females pl ?
I am a male, will your service be available to me as well ? If so, what is your rate ? Am looking at visiting Harbin year-end.
Sep 22, 2006 05:20
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Hey there.

I'm not single, but I am female, and I do want to know where I can party at in Harbin. From what I hear, it's pretty boring there. I'd like to think that with a city of 10 million people, there's got to be some pretty great places to have fun. Please help me out.

Oct 20, 2006 20:06
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Hey Fitter,
You are some piece of work.
All can read between the lines. What r u really offering????????
You must be american!!!!!!!
Oct 22, 2006 04:40
  • DUNC
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Just a few suggestions..Harbin isn't boring, just cold and needs a few new places, but most head for...
David's Camp/Babyface/QS/Blues/Russian Bar all with dancefloors and busy with a mix of westerners and locals..also Red Rose Bar/The Box/ The Hit Bar are the meeting places for foreigners at the moment..
..there's obviously other bars and clubs but these are not frequented by us Waiguoren so can't really help you but they are everywhere, not to mention KTV every 100 yards or so!
Nov 13, 2006 23:16
  • ABHI
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I need to be in Harbin on the 25th of November. Need the following help from you.

1. is it easier to reach harbin from Beijing or Shanghai?
2.1. how do i reach harbin from Beijing / Shanghai?
3.what is the weather like in Harbin?
4.Any decent hotels?
5.Any other useful info??

You can contact me on the following :
Yahoo Messenger / Email|abhinaysharma
MSN Messenger / Email :|abhinaysharma
Skype : coolabhi99

Look forward to a prompt reply and help.

Thanks and regards,

Dec 5, 2007 19:15
GUEST84710 i like qs club
Mar 8, 2008 03:43
GUESTCOFFEE harbin is not exactly boring, with the reported stabbing and death of an african esl teacher last year outside of a well known bar. and with the leaders of several different bars going to war over customers for the past 3 years. regular reported beatings of foreigners endorsed and implemented by bar owners to drive foreigners out of certain bars. and if you want to get flawlessly ripped off then go to box bar. most people give the money to the waiters/waitresses and never get any change, so bring correct money for you 10 rmb beer, as if you give them 100 rmb thats what your beer will cost as you will never get any change. nothing against allan the chinese owner as he really is a great guy and should work on this problem. it really is the wild wild west in the north. and a not to mention a poor guy who owns an english school, or did until his chinese wife/partner just ripped him off! good luck on try number 2 buddy you have my sympathy. if thats not your cup of tea then go to q.s disco or blues bar and get the crap kicked out of you by the would be russian mob, police just love to do nothing at all about these problems. but look on the bright side at least its not daqing. daqing is a city where esl teachers never get a visa never get paid and might even get a beating free of charge from the bosses henchmen as the police men are on mr song's and his partner in crime lisa's pay role. daqing is the chinese equivelent of the KKK and if you get out alive then you will find it hard to get another job as everyone gets a free bonus black marker from the police department. daqing people just hate everyone.
Mar 8, 2008 03:53
GUEST7505 GUESTCOFFEE, it seems that you didn't have good experiences in Harbin. I wonder if you have any malicious purpose. I am a Harbinese. I can tell you that Harbin isn't a city as you described.
Mar 8, 2008 04:08
GUESTCOFFEE thats why you keep taking my posting off? it proves you are wrong and yes it is as i have described. i have seen many good teachers go to harbin and hlj province and come to grief. especially in daqing and harbin. i have no malicous intention and think that a clear message needs to be sent. people should know what to expect before they arrive in such a trecherous place.
Mar 8, 2008 07:07
GUESTCOFFEE not to mention that the universities in china alocate alot of money for foreign teachers, but the foreign teachers never get the money. in harbin and hlj province the average pay is 4000 rmb. the financial dept leaders and the F.A.O foreign affairs office leaders steal the money from the middle. and thats why the foreign teachers only get such a low salary of about 4000 rmb a month. now dont even try and tell me i am wrong about this. how else are the foreign affairs office leaders paying 350,000 rmb for their new houses and an extea 70,000 rmb to furnish them? beijing university pays its esl teachers the MINIMUM recomended salary by the government of 10,000 rmb for a bachelor degree holder. the only good reliable university is harbin engineering university. the rest are cheats and liers. such as HIST, HIT, HMU, and every other university in harbin . just type in corruption into google and you will see what i mean. lets face it. go to harbin, enjoy the ice festival get ripped of by the university. get paid less than a mc donalds salary because the school bosses are ripping you off. i dont know what planet you are on bud, but even the government knows how terrible harbin really is!
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