Life in Harbin
Apr 17, 2008 15:13
GUEST14205 whatever,i'v been living in harbin for 2 years now,i love it here,and i'm esl teacher from america,i have loads of friends in here,life goes well with me,i get paid 6000 rmb every month,i live in a sweet appartment;nothing to complain about really,i'm talking about my case,you talkin bout ur case,and everyone in here talks about his/her own case/situation,so when i say i'm happy i'm alright this means that i'm may be lucky coz i'm teaching in the right school and with the right people and the right pussy,and when you complain and you consider everything negative about the whole comunity then your probably with wrong people in the wrong place,just don't generalizee,bless harbin,and thanx to god for what i'm experiencing !!
Apr 22, 2008 18:17
GUEST10292 Re: GUEST14205

I can believe everything you said...except for the part about you being an ESL teacher. Just quickly glancing at your post, I came across 20+ grammatical and spelling errors. Care to mention what school you work at so language learners know the quality they can expect?

Apr 22, 2008 22:31
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Never mind the fact about the SPG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) errors. That kind of punctuation I see almost exclusively from Chinglish posters, sorry to say so. Also, some schools in China take the skin colour more into consideration than the actual abilities or qualifications of the would-be teacher, when hiring them. I'm not surprised.
Apr 24, 2008 09:06
GUEST42116 In my opinion 4000rmb/month is reasonable in Harbin (though it may not really be a "good" deal). I would expect the average for a foreign teacher to be around 6000 as well.

Don't compare Harbin with Beijing. they are not in the same level.
May 15, 2008 08:06
GUEST81208 Skin color does make a difference. The colored ESL teachers in Harbin really have a rough time and I really feel for them.
Aug 18, 2008 03:58
GUESTJAMES Hi I'm James here, very active southern part part of China but not Harbin. Schedule to bring family by end of this year with wife and two kidds age of 11 and 8. Target to live there for 10 dyas .pls advice if possible for free and easy trip. regards
Aug 19, 2008 09:44
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Read my VirtualTourist Harbin travel page:
If you need more help, please be more specific!
Jul 21, 2009 19:28
GUESTHARBIN ... Thanks for telling the truth GUESTCOFFEE! Everything you had mentioned is true. I have experienced it myself. I've not been beaten, but my passport was stolen by a school leader. I needed to go to Beijing to get a new one. I've worked for numerous private schools (all cheated me out of pay). One university cheated me, made me pay rent and then tried to kick me out of my paid room to make room for Russian "business people" (read: dancers/protitutes working in Daowai District). It is really terrible.

However, the Harbin people are generally very friendly, and Harbin can be a safe and fun place to enjoy yourself. I do not frequentthin the bars listed above, but have visited couple on occasions. NOTE: The Box is no longer in business. Last autumn 4 plainclothes railway police officers beat a young man to death and left him lying on the sidewalk. You can google this and watch the video. Both parties were guilty for sure though.

I love Harbin, but I certainly know that most school officials here are very, very corrupt.
Oct 18, 2009 04:18
GUEST08115 trouble makers are trouble makers no matter they are in their own countries or in china or in harbin.
every chinese knows the living cost and income is higher in beijing. you cant compare beijing with harbin.
i being a common teacher in harbin, just spent 800,000 rmb for my apartment. with that money i can get maybe just a room in beijing. why office leaders spend 350,000 for their houses and you say they are stealing?
i have 17 years teaching experience and getting a PHD, why i can only get 4000 a month, but foreigners coming to harbin without any relevent degree and knowing nothing about teaching can get more than that? they are stealing.
i never heard of any chinese stuff making troubles, but why foreigners now and often?
why chinese government issus foreign expert certificate to foreigners who cant find a job in their own country and come to china as trouble makers.
there are not many chinese being able to express themselves well in english. that's why you can see many bad words about harbin, but nobody defenses.
Oct 27, 2009 06:43
GUEST13832 No, he's probably Russian. They control most of the prostitution in Harbin.
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