Fun with Chinese
Jun 15, 2007 10:21
If men had to give birth to children it would be a bad thing believe me!

So the original chinese is right in every sense!
Jun 15, 2007 16:03
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As a journalist, I spoke many times with Gloria Steinem, a founder of the 60's US feminist movement. ...and I covered many of the university protest rallies in many different cities.

That movement spawned bra burnings, the free sex movement, the make love not war slogan and a variety of other things that most young men greatly enjoyed at the time - but men did not start the feminist movement in the United States. ;)

Keep in mind too that the birth control pill was approved for use in the United States in the early 1960s which biologically freed women; and that in the later 60s pot and LSD use was hip on many college campuses.

In the early part of the 60s, most of the families I grew up around would not even use the word divorce. If some one they knew got divorced and it was mentioned, the word was spelled so that the children would know know what the adults were discussing.

How a new idea is implemented has a great deal to do with end results. In the United States, family as I knew it as a child is rare; life-long marriages are also rare; divorce is common; long term male/female relationships are uncommon.

Feminism, drug use and other things that happened during that time caused great harm to American society...unintended consequences. So while many young men and women loved the "openness" of the 60s and 70s - many are trying to raise good young girls now and have realized that there is a price to be paid for bad behavior. I have noticed among the young workers at my company that this sad story of broken families may be beginning to move in a more positive direction. I certainly hope so.

In China, the women I met seemed to be confident individuals, not feminists. In fact, on CCTV women are frequently in positions of leadership. "Chinese feminism" - if it actually exists in any formal way - appears to have a much different implementation than what we saw in the United States 40 years ago.
Jun 15, 2007 16:05
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Oh, I forgot...

Mishen...good to see you posting disappeared for a while. As always, your posts about the Chinese language are fun and interesting.
Dec 28, 2010 08:37
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impressed by your definition of some chinese characters
as a native speaker of chinese, I feel shamed that i don't know those characters. However, do people actually use these words in daily life?
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