Visa Renewal
Oct 9, 2006 07:05
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I'm teaching on a consultant visa at the moment and it will run out in December. I will probably want to renew it for about 7 months (maybe I'll just have to get a 12 month one). I'll probably sign another 6 month contract with my school so I can either stay on a consultant visa or get a working visa.
I want to know, can I just renew/change my visa while I'm in China or will I have to go back to Hong Kong when my visa expires and get a new one?
Oct 9, 2006 07:30
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Student, tourist, work and business visa, I have heard of but a 'consultant visa'.

The important thing is whether you have a Foreign Residence Permit. In which case provided you stay with the same school, they are able to apply for a renewal on your behalf.

Should you wish to change employment, then the proper thing to do is leave the country and apply for a Z (work) visa and return to China and a new Foreign Residence Permit will be issued.

A Z visa requires an invitation from the FOA to work for a school, etc you need to have a medical prior to receiving your Permenant Residence Permit.

Same procedure applies for student Visa but I'm nt sure about Business visas.

YOu are not supposed to work on a Tourist (L) visa but many do and these are not supposed to be converted to Z visa in order to get Foreign Residence Permits but it depends on where you are and who is pulling the strings.

Good luck
Oct 4, 2007 08:45
Where in Hong Kong shall I go to renew my visa?
Oct 4, 2007 23:20
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I have never heard of a consultant visa either, maybe you mean a Foreign Expert visa - a Z visa which becomes a Residence Permit. Alternatively you might be on an F visa: one could be a freign consultant but 'in theory' you would be employed by a foreign company

I believe it was mentioned in a thread some time back that it is now possible to transfer a Residence Permit to a new employer provided you arrange the new contract before it expires. Obviously the new employer would require the certificate entitling them to employ foreign experts.

There are many threads around these questions inthe China Visa Forum.
Jan 16, 2008 21:50
i`m Canadian , & my 6 months ( F ) visa will expire on January 23 d 2008 ,i don't know where in hong Kong i should apply for new visa , or when & how long they are officially closing for Chinese new year hollidays ?, looking forward for your answer , appreciated
Jan 17, 2008 15:18
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The visa app procedure can be made to HKSAR (Hong Kong Special Admin Region) Immigration department by telephone (852) 2824 6111, by fax (852) 2877 7711 or email at|enquiry.

Visa app form is downloadable at

or their official site:
Jan 17, 2008 19:03
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If you are not in a hurry it will be processed in about 3 days, if you are in a hurry it can be done in half a day...arrive before 11am for return that afternoon, the afternoon for return at 10am. But there is a hefty additional fee. Alternatively use a travel agent offering the service. I prefer to stay in Macau and use an agent for quite a small fee.
Mar 14, 2008 03:05
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Mar 14, 2008 03:08
GUEST32466 This is my number 13430384660. Call me Jimmy. It 's my pleasure to help you stay longer in guangzhou.
Apr 30, 2008 18:15
GUEST16212 Heard a rumor that work visa holders (english teachers specificly), whose visa expires in July will have to leave the country till after the olympics for renwal. I really hope this isn't the case. Anyone else hear about this???
May 8, 2008 23:57
GUEST18442 I also have a "F" visa and am living in china now. It expires June 11th. I was told i need a garrantor to stay in china but i don't currently have one because i left the school i was studying at and they were my previous Garrantor. Does anybody know anything about this because i'm having difficulty finding the answers.
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