Visa Renewal
May 14, 2008 08:19
GUEST67836 I have also heard these rumours and I'm trying to find out whether it's true.
May 15, 2008 12:03
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Guest 16212. You can seldom get more than a one month visa when your work visa / residency expires. As my last work visa ended on the last day of my contract, there would have been problems if what u r suggesting is true....however, they might just issue a 7 day visa. Even if you go to HK, you will find more restrictions than usual. In mid June ask in your local visa office what they will grant you. Apply on the last day of your visa. Especially DO NOT apply more than a couple of days early as the NEW visa cancels the old one IMMEDIATELY.

GUEST18442. In the present conditions it is much harder to get a visa. If you do not have a genuine reason for having an F visa you might find getting one very difficult. If you find a new job, you can have them support you for an F or Z visa. It seems the agencies which usually get them with ease are not able to any more. Bloody Olympics!
May 23, 2008 00:33
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For sure - the current visa situation is a total nightmare!

If you have a Z visa, or similar, which = a work, study, or other permit with associated work and residency entitlements; then this email is not relevant for you - unless you plan to stay in China during 2008 after it expires?

If you do not have a Z visa, then it goes like this:

There are only 2 types of visa as far as I am concerned, and this applies equally to both F (Business) and L (Tourist) visas:
1. You can reside in China for the entire length of your visa, without having to leave
2. You have to leave China every 30 days - even if it is only to come straight back in again!

Renewing your F or L in China is a nightmare, so use Hong Kong or Macao instead. I use the Grand Profit Agency based in the New Ocean Building on Science Museum Road, HK - they are good, fair, and expensive - but I can get same day visa so it is worth it

The visa rules seem to change on a daily basis, although I think this is actualy monthly. Different rules apply to different Nationalities, with people from USA suffering very badly. UK and Europe is currently 3-months continual stay, and 3 months - up to 2-years for the other type, depending on your history, etc - for 30-day max stay

I hear this changes again in June, and I am not sure how I personally will be affected. My friend who has a Malaysian passport is then reduced to a maximum 5-days stay (With visa only issued outside of China, including HK and Macao)! I do not think Westerners will be so restricted, but am prepared if this is reduced to 1-month only during the Olympics

Where you apply is also a factor. I use HK, but know if I return to UK, then I can get a 2-year F visa (With max stay of 30-days)

My advice is to use an Agency in HK, and ask them about 10-days before your renewal is due. If your visa is due for renewal near the beginning of any month, then please be aware that it does change - seemingly at the beginning of every month. You may wish to consider taking what is on offer at the end of the preceeding month instead

After September this should relax a little, and be back to normal after 1st January 2009
Jun 6, 2008 04:52
GUEST67179 Any updates on Z Visa renewals with respect to time delays, paper work requirements etc?
Jul 16, 2008 22:21
GUESTALINA Hello there! unafortunately due to the Olympic Games Ionly got visa for 30 days, and Iwant to stay in China for 5 months, what can I do? Can Iapply for a Business visa? where? I'm currently in Guangdong province. Or maybe a student visa to stay longer? they said that until september you can get only 30 days as a tourist. PLEASE HELP ME WHAT CAN I DO?
Jul 16, 2008 23:25
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You might be able to extend your visa once you're in China. Otherwise the best solution (if you don't mind paying the money) would be to register for a course that would enable you to get a student visa, eg a Chinese course at a university.
Jul 19, 2008 10:46
GUEST29138 Visa Help Please?!?!?!?!

I am currently in China under an L Visa and have been offered a position teaching English. Due to the Olympics I have been told by the school that I need to return to my home country (USA) in order to apply for the Z Visa. They have "supposedly" given me all the necessary paper work and said I should now have no problem obtaining the Z Visa, but it must be done in person at a Chinese Embassy or Consulate - there are none nearby my hometown. According to my travel agent, she can do all the work for me granted I send her all the proper information. Does anyone know if I can have a travel agent do it for me, or do I need to go in person as my school says? Thanks!
Jul 19, 2008 20:09
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I think you need to go "in person" as in, a person must go to the embassy (not necessarily yourself), you just can't mail-in applications.
Oct 29, 2008 21:40
GUESTNTEMFAC... I am Cameroonian and i have a business visa, I am teaching in a school and i want to renew my visa to a work visa. My e-mail is|leofac74 do i do?
Nov 1, 2008 07:25
GUEST14624 Greetings! My husband and I are in Southern China and need to renew our daughters "L" type visa. We only need one more entry and 30 more days as we head home the first of December. We have business "F" multi entry visas and so have never run into this type of problem previously. We seem to be having a difficult time finding a good place to renew. We've tried the Hong Kong branch of the China Travel Service, but have not been able to get a response after 4 tries. We also tried the Guangdong Expat Service Center and they quoted us 2 - 3 week turn around for over US$515.00? That is way more expensive than we paid in the states for 2 day expediting with American Passport Services. We can go to Hong Kong easily, so that is definitely an option. Thank you so much.
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