Teaching in China?
Dec 25, 2006 14:14
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I am a 50+ year old woman who has been sending out my resume to schools in China. I have my doctorate in law and have received numerous inquiries from all over China. One place in Chongqing is paying double anywehere else-over 10,000 rmbs. /month. However, other places usually offer a minumum of 5,000/month plus a furnished apartment.
I would also like to bring my youngest son (age 10) and a daughter (age 17). They could do schooling through the Internet.Are there ways for them to make friends with other children their age?
However, I am afraid to try to come on my own without the help of an agency. Yet, they charge between $2,000-$4,000 for their "service".
Should I arrange a job on my own? What is the advantage of Chongqing over a place like Guilin, which is very picturesque?
Do you think my children and I could adjust and be happy with my teaching in China? It is a big decision and I welcome your imput!
Thank you!
Dec 25, 2006 20:01
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Maybe jabarootoo can give you a good answer,but it's good to teach in the city Chongqing:-)

Good luck!
Dec 25, 2006 20:36
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Hi Maryanne,

Yes,you could arrange teaching job by yourself in Chongqing.There is a international school only for foreign childrens and a website for local expats.It is very good to teach in Chongqing the No.4 municipality of China.

Dec 26, 2006 07:59
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There is such a shortage of teachers in China you shopuld be receiving many replies, especially from the major cities You should certainly not be paying an agent unless you are sure it is providing an additional service you and ONLY if it is in your own country and subject to your (US) laws.

You should assume that all job adverts are less truthful than you would expect in your own country, that is a fact of life in China. I would strongly recommend you do not joing a private language school/centre, but instead join a school or college in the government system (including the privately run ones). A good indication is that they supply appropriate help to get a 'Z' visa.

Be prepared for some difficulties...Chinese beaurocracy is complex and inconsistent. Make sure you have enough money to survive for 2 months as it will probably be that long before you are paid. On one hand dont expect the school facilities, the accommodation, or anything else to be like home (but expect 99.99% of the people to be friendly and helpful!) but be prepared to quit a job when necessary - stuff the contract but try and get some visa advice first.

A salary of Y10,000 is unusually high, but it is possible. You should not work for less than Y5000 (as you have a doctorate and paper is the level of thinking for pay) plus accommodation and airfares. Of course more cash can replace the accommodation or airfare but for most people it is easier to have accommodation provided. I believe college/uni is generally higher paid than schools, but not always. I suggest looking at some job ads in where the job packages are fairly clearly spelled out

You can get salaries in excess of Y20,000 pm in international schools if you are appropriately qualified, and of course your kids should be able to enroll there too.

I hope I don't sound too negative, I have been through some of it, I know of many other stories but nevertheless I'm going back again soon. Message me direct if you want to ask more.
Dec 27, 2006 23:48
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here are some sites which advertise jobs.

Angelina’s café

Total Esl

Teaching Resources

Daves ESL Cafe

Transitions Abroad


Abroad China

English Job Maze

Teach in China
Mar 28, 2007 10:22
Welcome to Chongqing, I like to help English foreigners.If you need some help in communication in Chongqing you can contact me .I 'd like to make firiends with you ,just good friends .I live in Chongqing Jiangbei|cuiyanlong2000
Mar 28, 2007 14:26
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Helo Maryann, it's a while since you posted this i know but are you still thinking of doing this? We are going to do the same starting in september, and hopefully have quite a bit sorted so far!!
Paul thanks for your comments and the sites, i know they were aimed at someone else but we found them useful also lol Glad to hear you're going back out there it cant be that bad then hey? lol x
Mar 28, 2007 19:04
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Glad it was useful Valminx, that's what I posted it for. You are right, despite the difficulties that sometimes arise, it is still a worthwhile and interesting country to work and live in for a while.
Mar 29, 2007 09:25
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Hello Paul,
My some relatives interested to teach English in China. May I tell them to visit your preferred web site?
Mar 29, 2007 16:58
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Of course LP, posts are for everyone to make use of. Good luck to them.
Mar 29, 2007 22:10
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xie xie
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