tibetan tattoos
Dec 30, 2006 22:54
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Hi! I am going to Tibet in 2007 and am looking to get a tibetan tattoo done in the traditional way. Does anyone know where to start looking or has anyone had it done and can recommend somewhere? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers :)
Jan 1, 2007 08:35
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Hi, you may find what you want at this page:

Oct 22, 2007 15:39
GUEST11123 Hi,

best website for getting a real nice writting (the master is really tibetan and makes great calligraphies) :

You will find different calligraphies and can order for your own...

Nov 27, 2007 11:36
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hello ,my friends are doing tattoo jobs in Tibet Lhasa now ,and they have many tibetan tattoo pictures,or they will design for you .there's web is|pureland.5859

Feb 10, 2008 01:43
GUEST34133 Are there any restrictions on tattoos in Tibet. Are there any religious motifs that shouldn't be tattooed?
Mar 8, 2008 21:40
GUEST44202 Hello I'm looking for someone who can translate an english word into the tibetan writing. I tried all of the sites listed above and couldn't find any of them. Can someone please help?!
Mar 19, 2008 10:17
GUEST72369 hi im going to china for 2 years and i want to get a Tibetan script tattoo but I hear that due to the tension that exists in china with tibet this might be dangerous and not a good idea? should i reconsider?
Apr 5, 2008 08:17
GUEST45171 Hi, can anyone please translate a short phrase for me? I really need it so much and dont see the way to do it:((
here it is: life as a miracle.Thanx!!!
Apr 11, 2008 16:21
GUEST23652 A friend of mine is perhaps the leading edge in Tibetan script tattoo designs... a guy called Tashi Mannox, he will personally design for you and jpeg the image as well as post to you. He is the best i have seen on this specialised subject... you can contact him through his website:

all the best.

May 5, 2008 21:05
GUEST19459 I don't think it should matter unless you get something controversial such as " *** " or "Dalai Lama" in Tibetan sanskrit... You should be covered as long as its not "offensive" to the Chinese government...

-Dorji Dolma
May 5, 2008 21:12
GUEST19459 I don't believe there are any restrictions or taboos on tattoos but whether in Tibetan or English or any kind of symbol, being a more conservative culture of course people might be judgemental like anyone else in America. Excuse me for saying this but white people would be more accepted to have tattoos since its considered such a western impulsive decision to get one. As an Asian, I'm pretty sure no one will take offense or dislike you for it but it's considered a very western or modern thing to do. If you are Asian and worried about being judged because of it, I'd say get a small one in an inconspicuous place or a place you can hide easily such as higher up on your arm so you can just wear a t shit with longer short sleeves...

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