Nephew of Last Emperor who is calligraphist at Forbidden City
Feb 8, 2007 23:53
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We were in Beijing last month and had the opportunity to meet the older man who is suppose to be the nephew of the Last Emperor of China. He is suppose to also have been a calligraphy expert and will do a personalized calligraphy within a small area in the Forbidden City that holds some of the heirlooms from the Last Emperor. Around his area are several pictures of him with globally recognizable people. Does anyone know what his name is? If so, please send English spelled version to|lilyofiris
May 26, 2011 18:47
GUEST11164 We met this guy too... Well, supposedly! I see a number of pictures from travelers who had the same experience, but oddly the man who portrays the "nephew" in each case is played by a different guy. Looks like we got ripped off. Amazing that this kind of fraud is taking place at this level in China!
May 30, 2011 18:56
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If opportunity knocks and there is money to be made anywhere of course it will happen.
Aug 20, 2011 23:38
GUEST25211 Yes, they are polite enough, but the one I met definitely was not the person who I found in another photo browsing the internet. And the calligraphy style was not the same (so, at least you are getting the genuine skill and personal style of whoever you meet). My advice, just decide if you like the calligraphy on display, because that is (all) you are getting. And, no one makes you pay although you will encounter some uninhibited hard sells pitched by artists who have set up inside the Forbidden City - it is not so restrained or "official" as one might expect from western sites of similar importance.

Interesting how tourism acting is revealed with the internet.
Oct 4, 2011 07:41
GUEST67221 In china there is a rip off merchant on every corner even more so around the tourist destinations.I too was approached to meet the so called nephew with the tour guide whispering in my ear that his work was worth 30 times the asking price of 2000 rmb but this little voice in the back of my head said that if this was the case the que would be a mile long and not just me so i passed up the opportunity.this happened on the 1/10/2011
Feb 2, 2012 12:28
GUEST22434 I have seen at least 6 different people in this place at the Forbidden City who they claim are the Emperor's last Nephew including the picture of my wife and I with him. We were also fooled. We have a nice piece of art, an ugly story and a picture of him. The Chinese could just market it as a Master calligrapher and people would pay money for the art work done in this amazing setting. But they choose to make it an ugly falsehood that American's will never forget when they find out they have been fooled.
Feb 2, 2012 19:49
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I usually avoid such people in the tourist attraction. I can not judge if they are true or not. But I am not interested in those 'famous' people. By the way, I never buy stuff at the tourist spots because what they sell are fake and very expensive.
Nov 17, 2012 11:20
GUEST81942 Rip of ? inside the forbidden city, in Beijing, UNESCO world heritage ? Relative of the last emperor who knows but that is far less important than his knowledge of his art, calligraphy.
Nov 18, 2012 02:57

Originally Posted by GUEST81942

Rip of ? inside the forbidden city, in Beijing, UNESCO world heritage ? Relative of the last emperor who knows but that is far less important than his knowledge of his art, calligraphy.

Well, Pu Yi has a nephew who is interested in calligraphy and collection. But I heard that he is a middle school teacher. Didn't know he 'works' in the Forbidden City.
Mar 24, 2013 18:30
GUESTMICHAEL Also met this socalled nephew, and yes it seems like a scam
May 17, 2013 01:13
GUEST12083 Visited Forbidden City April 12 and the paid guide directed us into a side building where art and calligraphy were hung. The sales job was delivered by our own guide which makes the scam rather extensive when you consider the older chinese man who is proudly and honorably painting calligraphy, the other people with him, and the guides who bring the American and other nationality naive tourists in for the same exact story. The calligraphy sales we were told were to raise funds for the Forbidden City. We bought it as we felt somewhat pressured, but also impressed by this chance of luck meeting the Emperors nephew. Would have continued to be nostalgic until I found this sight and I realize now we were had....also found out that our cab driver who took us to the Great Wall had a planned agenda as well to take us to the government run Cloisonne factory, then to the silk factory, the olympic park, and then to drink tea....these chance stops are planned and are the schedule of every driver . Probably designed and regulated by the central government to encourage revenue. It's highly effective, I have to hand it to them. I saw many people at the airport carrying around their silk comforter vacuum packed for travel. So as I hang that calligraphy, it won't lose any nostalgia with me...China is an amazing country. The culture, the people, the geography. The scams are a mixture of the old ways of this culture, amidst China's rise in the 21st century.
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