Been thinking of goin to Siping City
Nov 2, 2008 20:52
GUEST41220 Hey guys... I stayed there for a month.. wrote a blog about it

.. To summize it was fairly awesome, but feel free to contact me if youve got any questions about the place!|sirtwatty
Nov 2, 2008 20:53
GUEST41220 Ugh, sorry that link doesnt seem to work! Whoops! Heres the actual link (i hope)
Nov 2, 2008 20:54
GUEST41220 Heh its because it puts spaces in between the / and next letter.. stopping my urls working :< Oh well just copy it and then remove the spaces.. sorry for the mishap!
Nov 13, 2008 23:06
GUESTCHIBI I'm also interested in going to Siping. I've known since I was a little girl I wanted to study Kung Fu and Martial Arts in Asia, but I only learned of these schools a few years ago and I think that Siping seems a good opportunity.

I start 2-year college in the Spring of 09, but hope to take a year off from school after I get my degree and will do everything in my power to get to Siping in '11.

I'd love to be able to contact some of the current and past students of Siping. If anyone has any info, then please email at|chibminshiy
Dec 13, 2008 06:04
GUEST37112 Hey, Ive been really wanting to come to The Siping temple too, but I wondered if anyone has ever been who is vegan? Do they cater for you? A friend of mine went a couple of years ago to some Academy in China (I dont know which one) and he said that For the vegetarians, they used to chop up the meat really small so they couldnt see it, lol. I also wondered, even if they did cater for vegans whether they would feed me food that gave me enough nutrients overall, if their general focus is on an omnivorous diet. I figure with all that activity we'll be doing each day, Im going to have to make sure my diet can support me or I'll fall apart. Does anyone know whether there is an option to buy food yourself, from a local market? Do they allow that?
Dec 21, 2008 05:40
GUESTIVAN After beeing in the academy for 4 months...
To be honest, I do not beleve it is worth buying plane tickets to china if you are staying only for one month. You should stay atleast 3 months.

Time flies by very fast here.
Feb 3, 2009 15:07
GUEST11659 I wanna go there this summer but i have no previous martial arts experience watsoever, do you think its worth it? Id also like to hear from soemone who has been there alrdy!
Apr 3, 2009 07:06
GUESTMERC hey guys
any one who has the means to go there should!!!it is totally awesome.
And yes, book it for atleast 3 months, one moth is way to short.
When I went there, I hadnt had any previous experience, and the Shiffus (masters) tought me loads, it was great.
At first you feel clumsy, and just not!!!
But then, it is really nice, best thing to do is enjoy every moment!!
Apr 3, 2009 07:28
GUESTMERCY I was there last summer and it was great
I didnt have any previous martial arts experience, but i learnt alot there.
It is totolly worht it. Stay for as long as you can. one month is nt enough.
The disiplin depends on you. They dont punish you or any thing.
Just keep learning and practicing, work hard.
other wise there is no point going.
Learn as much as you can, it is great :)
May 21, 2009 06:30
GUEST01109 Reading your note and understand that you might be in Siping shao Lin martial arts acedemy. I would like to have your view on this extrodinary experiences.
My daught just turn 18. I am considering letting her going to the acedemy for one month. I believe it will be great benefit for her seul and mind and body to have such experience.
She is completely a city girl but world wide traveler. She is 1/2 Chinese and speak some Madarin.
I also thinking of accompany her to go.
It will be a great help if you can tell me about your experiences over there.
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