what do u think about shanghai girls?
May 23, 2007 12:00
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Nanjing Road are an exception!. Why?
Dec 9, 2007 00:01
GUEST22237 come on guys , its not about where do they come from, everywhere in this world ,there are these kind of girls, you cant analyse shanghainese girls in that way,
to know someone is by time,not only by what you see,
a lot of girls they came to shanghai said they are shanghainese,isnt that cos of the inferiority of them ? the night life in shanghai is booming and you saw a lot of girls flirt with foreign guys ,you can say they are all shanghainese ? actually a lot of girls are from other cities, just they want to make themselves as shanghainese girls title,if it makes sense
as to the " girls want to marry foreingers" ,well i can say some girls who haven never been to broad dream of going out and look at the world,and to marry a foreign is probably a way to realize that, but the way how they make it ,and the purpose is a little bit mean, but anyway im not talking about this subjuct here,
but still there are real love, its just in china too many pretty girls make the expats confusing, "why should i settle down" ? but to be a nice guy or screw around it's all 'coz of what they are looking for,and if the right girl appeared and hit his world, playboy can be the good guy , you should know that
and one thing is very true, some shanghainese guy is quite sweet actually, they know how to take responsibilites ,know caring , know what their gfs want,you cant only judge shanghainese girls material something, but why shanghainese girls they act like this is cos the background , and also shanghainese guys they adore them .ofc also about the family education,
as to all, not only shanghai girls are acting in that way,and not all of the shanghainese girls are like that
so please dont make a superficial judgement when you just saw part of them

May 3, 2008 08:23
GUEST04173 Ummm no. Shanghainese girls are, for the most part, a nasty, superficial, lot of trashy bimbos. NEVER trust a Shanghainese girl. My best friend, who lived here for over a decade, married a girl who pretended to love him, and as soon as she got the the USA, her personality completely changed, and she gave him the boot. I've heard this story many times over about other Shanghainese girls. I recommend Anhui farmer's daughters, they clean up nice. Also, Shanghainese girls have some of the worst fashion sense ever, anywhere. I mean the outfits are so cheap, so mismatched, I just crack up laughing sometimes. Please note this is about SHANGHAI girls, not Chinese girls in general (many of whom are very sweet). :-)

But whaddya expect? Shanghai is a provincial backwater posing as a cosmopolitan city. Fake, fake, fake.
May 24, 2008 13:36
GUEST20739 yes i know this shanghai girl who currently attending school here in the states and omg, she isn't nasty but she is superficial, trashy and irresponsible. She is the Shanghai version of Jessica Simpson, she is so dumb. I wonder how she got into our university.
Jun 2, 2008 09:17
GUEST58193 that's totally cramp!
you shouldnt have said that , dont label all of them in this superficial way, the population of expats are booming in shanghai, whatever visiting or short term living, the most usual entertainments is night life,you want to find your angel in a club?
there are some girls who want to hook up with expats and maybe going abroad,or some of girls feel enjoyed getting socialized with westerners, they like this way of life, going to pubs, for fun. Did you see how many shanghainese girls they work quite hard to make the living, i dont think you;ve seen it. or those girls who feel kind of show off thing if dating with a "foreigner"
what you knew are those 20 something kawaii girls' dress or try to look women but in a low class ones in clubs? are they all shanghainese girls?
i dont think you can really tell who is shanghainese girls, on the street in shanghai you saw a girl who is holding an old guy's hand, is she a shanghainese?
those who are dating with foreigners or have married or will marry expats ,i could say most of them are from out of shanghai,
look at those who wants to speak to expats on the nanjing road, who just stop you when you get out of the metro at ppl square, want to practice english with you, are all from out of shanghai,
they are ruining the reputation of shanghainese girls,
you know that? i dont think so, cos you totally cant tell who is shanghainese ,who is not, for you its totally the same, CHINESE CHICK,
in this case, dont judge all of the shanghainese girls in that way, before you know the person dont label them so easily, thats really stupid
Jun 2, 2008 09:22
GUEST58193 yeah right!
WTH they know who is shanghainese who is not, for them they think the girls in shanghai are shanghainese, if they didnt ask where does the girl come from, plus even the girls said they are shanghaiese, can they really speak shanghainese?
Aug 4, 2008 21:20
GUEST18144 Just wondering if the girls in Dalian are as beautiful as they said they are. My bf is heading there to teach english for a year and I'm kind of worries. Let me know, thanks! Of you want a comparison, feel free to go to for my pics. An honest answer would be appreciated, Xie xie ni!
Aug 4, 2008 21:22
GUEST18144 wow... my spelling is all off lol. sorry! I was typing in a hurry haha ;)
Aug 5, 2008 02:30
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shanghai girls are nothing more than a girl who born and living in Shanghai,they are same like girls from other cities of China.
Aug 5, 2008 09:44
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You are right Sonia. 100 % agree with you.
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