expat life on hainan island, south
Sep 1, 2007 00:28
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my husband and i will probably will move to hainan, sanya area during to his job. Please could you share any info about life there for expats. We don't have kids but planning on it. Will be interested in medical care and is it safe to give a birth there? What about shopping?
Sep 3, 2007 03:58
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Oh please don't worry. It's absolutely safe to give birth there.
Sanya is popular with many foreigner tourists. Shopping is of course no problem.
Sep 8, 2007 11:18
  • JCNILE123
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Sanya,,,very beautiful and romantic!!! nice. my gf and i, have the time of our life there.
Sanya's People, very friendly eager to get to know you, if you are a turist or a foreigner, they make you fill at easy and safe.
City very modern and clean, of course no western toilets but in your hotel only.
You get a lot for your money, if you compare it to europe, the caribbeans, south america or the usa.
Not a lot of westeners, but yes! a lot of russians.
To be fair the city is what it is thank's to the russian turist. The truth is that they, the russians discover first this beautiful paradise
name hainan province.
Don't be shock to see that there are equal signs in russian and chinese and only a few in english. If they do, locals can speak
better russian than english.
Beautiful beach, hotels, golf courses, and sun.
I don't blame the russians but people are very cautious about fake money, a lot more detail at the banks than at the main land.
Good supermarkets with a lot of western food, like cheese, wine and cans from the usa, west europe and asia itself.
2 good International airports one in sanya, one in hai kou and so are taxis and buses.
By the way take plenty sun protection, not a lot of it in sanya, remember, chinese people use umbrella mainly and they avoid
the direct sun much as possible.
Yes good international and chinese restaurants, and so is mc donald's and kfc.
If you don't go to guangzhou, sanya is a good place to buy stuff and gifts.
Do you like pearls???? then you like sanya.

Sep 14, 2007 09:34
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Sanya is a great place to live and as all have stated above, the Russians have paved the way for the rest of us. There is a large expat community although most are transient. There is pretty good shopping for clothing and western style food again thanks to the Russians mostly. There is also a plethora of good western run restaurants, bars and clubs. you can't miss some of them and a quick google will give you more details.

A small super market (Nanguo) in Summer Plaza Dadonghai will supply all your dairy needs, good freshly ground Hainan coffee.
Best suggestion for medical care, especially pre and post natal is to wait until you arrive there and make some inquiries with other expats. I'm sure that you will eventually meet the right people who can point you in the right direction. If absolutely no suitable care then you could opt to go to Guangzhou or even HK for the last few weeks and deliver there.

All the best and hope your family comes along in due course.
Jan 13, 2008 00:16
  • OSASO8
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Deer Irene
How's Hainan?

Our family is residing near a large city in central china. We have been here about three months. I teach IB chemistry and my wife teaches algebra. We're from the states with several years
teaching experience. I have an ME my wife is fluent in Russian and English with a bachelors degree in teaching/English.

Here's the problem, We were suppose to execute our contracts last week and the "Owner" who’s used to dealing with the local people that have no education, decided to put us on hold!? I guess he's not use to negotiating. I’m not use to being toyed with. So we got ourselves a little problem.

We have three great little girls 5, 3, and 1. We've been to Hainan and think we could do well there but we need to figure out the big picture.

Now, we possess work visa's which are good until mid October, 2008. We also have in our possession foreign expert cards from Chinese government..

Do you have any information? How are you and your children doing in Haiinan? Maybe you can connect us with someone who needs some folks with our qualifications. Or perhaps just give us a lead I’m just starting my networking process and could use as much help as I can get.

I hope you get this

Jan 13, 2008 10:22
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You need to be careful regarding your visa. I am a puzzled that you have not 'executed a contract' but you have a 'work visa' until October. A work visa, 'Z' is only valid for one month. After you arrive the employer takes the paperwork INCLUDING a completed contract, to the PSB to cancel the work visa and get you a Residence Permit (effectively a visa ) which lasts to the end contract. I know this is often called a work visa - but you said you don't have a contract, so I am puzzled. If you have the Foreign Expert cards then surely you have the Residence Permit. So 'no contract' - confused!

A Residence Permit becomes invalid if you leave your employer or negotiate a transfer to another employer. Your employer can notify the authorities to have your Permits cancelled. However, I know other teachers have quit bad employers and had little trouble - but maybe the ex-employer reluctantly agreed to a transfer. As I understand it, the Foreign Expert Certificate is issued on a Province by Province basis so I don't know if it is valid in another Province. Certainly, you cannot just roll up at another employer and these documents will see you through, I believe you will have to go through the process again.

I suggest that first, you consider whether this is a bit of cultural difference that can be sorted out, or is it symptomatic of an overll bad attitude. Yes, Chinese employers are rather like ours were in the west 50 years ago, and traet tehir staff in an arrogant domineering way. I have had some issues, but to exist and enjoy being here we have to accept some differences. If you decide it is more serious then I sugest you go to your local authorities and discuss it with them - which, PSB to find out the visa situation, the Foreign Affairs Office of the city you referred to as I think they have a responsibility. The FEC is not really an issue, you can get another.

There are about 5 weeks to the next term and normally there are plenty of jobs teaching English, though not so many in the specialist subjects and not so well paid. Investigate your options and see where you stand first. You should probably also consult a visa specialist - there is usually an ad or two in here. And employers in Hainan migh (ye might) be able to help. Oh, Hainan pay tends to be low.

Sorry to hear you have this problem, but such things are not uncommon. Unfortunately business methods is not on the list of skilled foreign experts that China says it requires - that they have a screaming need but don't realise it, is a a concern! I come from this background but my employers are never interested... so I teach what I am told the way I am told - no stress and plenty of time on the Net, an ideal semi-retirement :)

Good luck, and when things settle please let us know the outcome, the procedures you encountered and how you were processed (I haven't quite given up that business methods background) so we can help others.

Jan 14, 2008 08:27
GUEST06910 Hi,I am an Irishman married to a Chinese woman living in Dublin.This year we would like to move our life to hainan island and open an real irish bar as i have 25 years experiance here in dublin.What i need now is real estate info and prices ,i want to buy rather than rent.Also any company involved in the drinks trade supplier or whole sale .Anyone at all who can help me please call.|mrdevlin

Many thanks Paul
Jan 16, 2008 20:39
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Hey Paul,

I'm looking forward to see your irish bar when I'm walking on the road of Sanya one day. :-)
May 3, 2008 03:23
GUEST22659 Hello

I would sugest coming here and spending time looking around for awhile as this will save you lots of money after spending a year here you will find what you paid $100 for you will find for $10...............its not the type of place where sooner is better

Other than that it is a great island , look foward to seeing your bar,pub

best of luck
Jun 9, 2008 05:03
GUEST43172 Hi Andrew,

I know of several people who have international kids in Sanya without any teachers. I am american and I have three kids that are russian and starting this fall we will need to home school or find some one to teach them. We are hoping to find someone to teach our kids here in Sanya.


Jun 9, 2008 23:06
GUEST85208 I am a Chinese living in Beijing, on March, my husband moved Sanya to work, on May, I also went to there to enjoy my holiday. I think it is a beautiful city, clean and comfortable. I found lots of Russian staying on the beach for whole day.The price of goods are even higher than Beijing. Its a touring city, there a university Hai Nan University San Ya Branch School who is operated by JI Li Group whose business scope mainly auto and appliance, it is a private school and my former colleague are working in this group as a in-house lawyer. If you want to go there, i think it is not easy to find a job which does not related to the tourism. So now i still stay in Beijing, but my husband and my daughter are living there now.
I wish somedays i can live with my family.
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