How to apply for Chinese Green Card?
Jun 17, 2008 01:41
GUESTDAVED Hi, In connection with this thread I have just made enquiries here in Nanning where my wife and I live. We were told this morning that to be eligible for a green card you must have been married for 5 years. You need to have lived in China for five years too and in each of those years you must have spent at least 9 months in China. If you were married outside of China then you need to get your marriege certificate certified by the Chinese Embassy in the country you were married in.
Cant help getting the feeling they really don't want Laowai living here.
Jun 17, 2008 09:53
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GuestDaved has it in one... we are not wanted foreigners as residents. Reading earlier in this thread and what I have seen on TV, residency is a real rarity. You must be a BIG investor in China and have connections Fair enough, their choice.
Jul 9, 2008 11:11
i am in china for more than 3 yrs. i have been married to a Chinse girl, its been 3 yrs that we got married, we do have a lovely daughter of one and half year. in these 3 years, i have been just almost 3 months out of china ( in the average 1 month in a year) other wise i am all the time in china. pls advise how can i get the green card of China?
Jul 21, 2008 03:03
GUEST95116 If i will apply visa for my 14 y/o daughter, what type of visa they will give to her? Is it possible to approve her visa as my dependent? what are those documents to submit in the immigration?
Jul 21, 2008 05:03
GUEST95116 We (my husband and I) are working here and the status of our visa is working. Last year we brought our children here to study chinese language. I have two kids, 17y/o and 14y/o both girls. There visa when they entered in china is X and change to student visa. My children student visa will expire next month (August 30). With regards to my 17 y/o daughter, after finishing her 1yr chinese language, she will study her proper course in the university here in China so we will not worrying her visa because the school can provide her visa once she enrolled in the university. The only question i have in my mind is the visa of my 14 y/o kid, what type of visa they can give to her. Can i apply her as my dependent? what kind of papers they will require from us? Is there a website concerning this matter? Is there someone with the same situation like mine now but already find a solution, kindly assist me, please.... Thanks
Aug 6, 2008 12:21
GUEST54228 Hi i am in china last 8 years and i have permanent residence proof ,My wife is from hongkong and i buy one appartment in shanghai its under my name . I am working in hotel as a director i want to apply a chines green card .Can you please help me to apply .thanks
Aug 18, 2008 01:34
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54228: I think you need to take a lot of Chinese officials out to dinner, buy a lot of presents...and then probably still not get it!
95116: Isn't she studying here? so isn't she eligible for a student visa (X).. If not then as I understand it a tourist visa is granted, on the basis of visiting family.
Oct 16, 2008 09:56
GUESTCARNIS i m a student from nepal studying mbbs in chongqing . can i get green card? i stayed here for 2 and half yrs . my visa expire date is 2011. can u give some suggestions ?
Oct 24, 2008 23:05
GUEST48179 I'm in the process of getting my green card (married to a Chinese for over five years, etc) but I've found there are some differences and inconsistencies between the (english) procedure description and the practice. For one, you need to provide much more information than it says on the english doc. There is a procedure guideline in Chinese that explains some steps, but even then, there seems to be a lot of flexibility in the application. For example, even though I applied on marriage grounds, I still needed to give lots of details about work, income, wealth, etc. What I needed to supply also changed from day to day. My biggest issue at the moment is that the local officials here do not seem to know that (and how) my children can also get a green card. For those who complain about Chinese procedures and that they don't want Laowei (they do, just not all of them:), go try get a visa (even for a couple of weeks) for a country like Holland or so: That's next to impossible and you are treated like a criminal all the way...!
Nov 3, 2008 06:51
GUESTKYLOUMAN I went to the visa place here in Nanning in July this year, I have worked for the same college going on 4 yers in March 2009. I was told to come back at that time.
They told me I had to be working for 4 years and have on going employment with the same company. I have been married to my Chinese wife for two years now.
Since then I have been told by, only about 11 greencards have been given since the start of the program. Do you know if this is true?
I know from past times, not all of Chinas Government offices get the same information. They really don't know the laws or rules,
I am thinking it may be better to contact a lawyer just to get the real understanging and maybe help in getting through this. I know they do not have much say so in courts, but maybe can help with proccess.
Any help?
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