Chinese girls are the most open minded and boldest in the world?
Sep 14, 2007 01:17
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Missish, pigeonhearted and intraverted are the words used to depict Chinese girls in the past. As time changes, Chinese girls have changed a lot. They become more open. Once a foreigner commented:"Chinese girls are the most oepn minded and boldest in the world." Is this true?

Some people say that some Chinese girls are more open minded than some American girls of Chinese descent. They like to make friends with foreigners. In the bars, they say hello to these foreigners vountarily. If you invite her a drink, she will leave her phone number to you. That is really unbelievable!

What's more, some of them think that some Chinese girls are too utilitarian. They take men as their wallets. Why do they find foreingers to be their boyfriend? Because foreigners can hlep them go abroad.

Personally, I think that such girls can be found in China. However, we can not assert that all Chinese girls look like these mentioned above.

What do you think of Chinese girls, the most open minded and boldest in the world?
Sep 14, 2007 06:12
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your post is unfair. You can find Girls (people) like this in the rest of the world.
Sep 14, 2007 16:47
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Some young Chinese women are more forward than an American man is accustomed to. APAULT has said before that the friendliness of many young women only reflects their interest in practicing English. I certainly met young women for whom Paul's explanation is perfectly accurate.

As for some of the other behaviors... I suspect the girls in the bars fall into one of three categories: young gals who are mimicking Western behavior (in my experience, the Chinese are not big drinkers so what else could it be); young gals without traditional morals out to have a good time; and young gals making a living the old fashioned way.

Your assessment of some women's interest being limited to foreign men having fat wallets who may give them an opportunity to travel and live outside of China is reasonable. But consider a divorced woman with a child: isn't it just human nature for her try to get what she believes will be a better life for both herself and her child? Of course she is going to believe her Western boyfriend has a lot of money because in China he has the advantage of the exchange rate and the local cost of living. If she can convince that man she loves him and wants to be his wife, then she and her child can travel back to the man's home country. To such a woman, that might seem to be a dream. However, when she finally travels back to her husband's home country she will learn that he is not as rich in his home country as she imagined and that while life is a bit better - her new life comes at a great cost.

JimmyB, I sense that you are unhappy with Chinese women who show an interest in foreign men rather than you. I understand completely. I saw many Chinese men and Chinese women giving me the evil eye as I walked around China with my gal. There is no explaining a woman’s taste in men ;-) (no offense intended ladies it is a joke) I feel happy she is willing to take a chance on me; I just hope I live up to her expectations.
Sep 15, 2007 04:08
GUEST21131 Nonsense, Jimmyb.
Sep 15, 2007 10:58
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Nonsense also based on sense.
Sep 15, 2007 18:13
  • AL32
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Jimmyb: DONT TRY TO UNDERSTAND WOMEN Chinese or any other!! ;-P
This is time and energy wasted.

They are just too complicated and un-categorizable...but that's the way we love them...hehe!!

For me, Chinese women are absolutely the best in the world; their look, the way they approach life; nothing compares.

I'm not saying that I had many CN girlfriends before, but from the friends I met and what I saw...

I give my two thumbs up for Chinese women - lol
Sep 15, 2007 19:22
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I seriously have never seen bold behavior from Chinese women. But, then again, there always are exceptions. As far as open-mindedness, this may true when it comes to studies or making new friends, however, definately NOT true when it comes to their desire for marriage and children. It appears "traditional values" will remain a constant and help spread the Chinese gene pool throughout the rest of the world.
Also, you can never really understand Chinese women because, frankly, they say things that aren't always true. Within this dis-logic, one never knows if aq date is truly a date, or a promise is truly a promise. So, their open-mindedness, I believe, is a deception, and their boldness is minimal.

Sep 15, 2007 22:11
GUEST64766 I think that girls from big cities are probably bolder than girls from small places...

Girls from Yunnan are said to have a lot of freedom in relationships compared to other parts of China.

Chinese girls can be difficult to understand ... You have to learn to decode their behaviour. Women in general are difficult for guys to understand but Asian women are even more difficult because theyre shy.
Sep 15, 2007 23:00
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I've said it and I'll say it again: you're wasting your time; don't try to understand them

from windenergy:
"Also, you can never really understand Chinese women because, frankly, they say things that aren't always true. Within this dis-logic, one never knows if aq date is truly a date, or a promise is truly a promise. So, their open-mindedness, I believe, is a deception, and their boldness is minimal."

That applies to women from any country; if you think the opposite, it's because some are better than the others at lying or at controlling your mind..

As for the open mindness toward dating a foreigner with a fat wallet, see two lines above.

So Jimmyb, sorry to disappoint you, but IMO, Chinese girls are not any bolder nor open minded than women from everywhere else. Maybe it's just that they're now drifting away from traditional Chinese moral values and catching up with other women of the world. Like I believe Dodger was saying.

We should be talking about what we like about them instead...but that's for another day or discussion thread...


/ AL
Sep 16, 2007 15:06
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It varies so much... I think that stereotypes can be valuable for getting a general sense of things, but individuals are always as different as snowflakes.

My first day in China, I was at a dinner table with several associates and many Chinese college students and teachers that we were going to be working with. During dinner, I was boldly asked out on a date by a student. She wasn't a gold-digger (a woman who is seeking a man to provide money), because her family is wealthy, very well-connected, she's an excellent student, and her future is almost certainly destined for success. (I turned her down, but we remain good friends... perhaps my #3 best friend in China now).

On the other hand, I met other women that were much more demure.

But it's important to differentiate between meanings here. When you say "open-minded," there are two definitions, and it's important to specify what you mean. Here in America, it mostly means that someone is willing to listen to new ideas that they may not agree with, and they might change their mind if they learn they are wrong. In this context, being open-minded is a good thing.

But in other contexts, it means someone who will easily have sex with other people, which is obviously not a good thing. Which definition did you have in mind?
Sep 16, 2007 21:23
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Griz, I am not unahppy with Chinese women who show an interest in foreign men. They have their freedom to choose their future husband.

To Dodger, GUEST2113, Lion, it is not nonsense. What I said in this thread is the fact. There are such girls in China. But NOT ALL CHINESE GIRLS ARE the same with those. I am glad to see that all you here have balanced views toward Chinese girls.

Al32, I can not agree with you any more. Women are the hardest to understand in the world. In the shopping mall, she is staring at a very beautiful but expensive dress for a long time. You have noticed this and decide to buy it for her. At that moment, she tells you that she does not llike it. If you believe her words, you are really fool. After coming back home, she must be very angery. I really can not understand this. If she likes it and wants it, why not say it directly?
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