Foshan/Shenzhen/Zuhai/ hangzhou/Ningbo ,and Shanghai
Sep 16, 2007 03:37
I'm in Macau Right now I spent a week in Hong Kong. I am visiting several factories in Mainland China in the Next couple days.

If I can Find someone to Help me out get around that would be great!

Male/ US/ 25 Years young on Business in China.

Let me know what you want. We can work something out.
Sep 16, 2007 06:35
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Welcome to China. I can help you here, please e-mail me to|caijun_Bill or we can chat on msn.
Best Regards.
Sep 16, 2007 21:26
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Dear Sir,

I am very glad to know you.

If you need a guide for your business trip inShanghai,

Jo qiao
Sep 17, 2007 22:43
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I've graduted from business and English major and working as soho and part-time interpreter as well. I have gained experience working for foreign company and got contact and maintain communication with many factories in line of clothes, lingerie, swimwear, hardware and furniture.

With sense of humor, I'm a sociable girl looking forward to make friends all round the world to share culture and business views upon different background.

Let's work out something. I'm living in Foshan now.

Pls contact me via:
Cel: 86 13112784740
Skype: KatherineHo_926
Nov 4, 2007 01:19
GUEST72105 does guanddong foshan have an airport?
Nov 8, 2007 19:17
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Yes, but not for civil aviation for the time being..
Nov 27, 2007 18:30
GUESTVISITA Any Bar in foshan?!! not chinese bar, normal bar with music, people and guinness beer?!!
Nov 27, 2007 21:55
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Sorry but Chinese bars are "normal". Foshan is in China.
Nov 27, 2007 23:07
GUEST83958 Hi Jo qiao
I have a few questions about travelling through China. I am travelling with a girl in a wheelchair, and was wondering if the trains in China have western toilets on the, particularly the Hanoi-Beijing train.
Next, I was wondering where to get off the Hanoi-Beijing train, to take a train or bus to Yichang and take the hydrofoil on the Gorges, and visit Shennong Stream and Fengdu. Do you know if there is a bus from the last hydrofoil station to Fengdu?
So I guess I need to know Hanoi to ?, ? to Yichang, and last hydrofoil stop to Fengdu. Any help is greatly appreciated.
My girlfriend is highly mobile, other than she can't move her legs. We can get on a train or bus or boat no problem, even if there are steps.
Thank you!!
Nov 28, 2007 11:11
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The D trains definitely have Western-style toilets, but the space is quite cramped and you definitely won't be able to fit a wheelchair into the toilet. There's basically enough space for the toilet and you, that's about it.
Soft sleeper carriages will usually have one Western-style toilet, with a little bit more space. Note that D trains do not have sleeper carriages, only seats; and D trains only run on very limited routes.
Also note that the train carriage entrances for most Chinese trains (other than the D trains) are quite narrow and it might be difficult to get wheelchairs through -- plus they have rather steep steps at the entrance.
Feb 21, 2008 00:22
GUEST52130 HI ....I am in the guy before I am looking for a bar......I know bars in China are normal but I do not like the ones where they play......blow your heart out noise at incredible quiet bar that seel beer is all I want to find!!!!!!!!!!
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