Visa F, marriage and stay in China
Sep 16, 2007 19:27
guestMarovan hello,
I am from Algeria. 26 years old. I have troubles to get information and guidance about my problem.

I met a chinese girl in internet last year, and I want to go to China and marry her, I looked for a job to get a Z visa but I couldn't, as for L visa, I will need some money to have it, since it will take much time. I decided to try F visa. my Girlfriend sent me a business invitation from her company so that I can get visa F.
I applied for visa F and I got it, it is double entry with stay duration of 30 days each
what I want is a solution to marry my girlfriend and stay in China permanently..

I heard if I marry a Chinese, I can have the right to stay in China, someone said, I can marry the girl, and then apply for a visa for visiting family or something, and it will allow me to stay there for 1 year or so and I can extend it, and once I find a job I can make residence.
is it true that if I marry a chinese citizen I can have the right to stay there? can I do that with Visa F and during the 1 month stay? can I have temporary residence for a while until I find a job? can I have permanent residence later?

another thing, in order to marry my chinese girlfriend, I am told I just need my passport and a certificate of non marital status.and I need that certificate of non marital status IN CHINESE. I can't find a chinese translator here, and can't translate by myself. I went to the embassy of China in my country but they said they don't translate. actually I can have it in English. Someone said I can take the english certificate of non marital status, approve it by ministry of foreign affairs here, and then approve it by Chinese embassy here and then take it to a notary office there in China and have it translated into Chinese. is this true?

can someone guide me, suggest something and help me in this?

Best Regards
Sep 19, 2007 20:52
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About the Chinese version. You may translate it when you are in China. Don't worry. The local officer who's in charge of marriage will tell you where to translate all the documents.
Sep 20, 2007 05:41
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yes, if you take the the English certificate of non marital status with a stamp approved by the Chinese Embassy it should be OK.
I did not have mine translated but it was accepted by them.
Sep 20, 2007 19:34
GUESTMAROVAN thanks so much MAY001 and DODGER.
after I marry, can I do something to stay more time? someone told me I can apply for a visa of visiting family, and I can stay for at least 1 year and can extend it? is this possible? actually within 1 year I think I can find a job and try to settle, all I need is gain some time. can someone advise me something?
Sep 23, 2007 23:57
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The way things work in China, do not assume that because Dodger was able to proceed without a translation that you will be able to! Each office bends the rules in the way it sees fit, you might not be so lucky. But as May says you will have no trouble gtting it translated once you are here.

You should do a search on the forums to see other threads on the subject of marriage and visa regulations.

What you described about the rules is gnerally correct I think... but complications can arise. You need to be flexible and be repared for some setbacks. You should assume that your upto 2 month visa you have now will not be long enough. Once you are here you can look for work or business opportunities and check out the visa possibilities as the jobs and marriage progress. You might need to exit the mainland to Hong Kong (or Macau) to get a new visa. If things get complex you might need to get the help of a specialist. The only safe thing we can say is that you can never be sure until you get the piece of paper in your passport!
Sep 24, 2007 10:56
GUESTMAROVAN Thanks Apault. as for business opportunities, that may need some money to start, so I plan to work first, and later I start some business. what do you mean by specialist? do you mean some visa offices? can you explain please, thanks...
as for my plan, my girlfriend said we can marry in 2 days (in marriage office) and then go to office of civil administration for some registration (it may take no long time) and I can apply for a visa for visiting family (in visa office) it takes from 4 days to 1 week. she also said that I may need to go to the province capital (Guangzhou) since she lives in a town and she is not sure if we can do all in town. well, according to these calculations, 1 month is enough for preparing all those and then I can get visa for visiting family for 1 year.I think it is ok.
any suggestions???
best regards
Sep 26, 2007 04:36
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By specialist I meant an organisation that helps with visa for a fee. There are 2 in Shanghai that used to advertise but you have to go there to complete formalities. You can search out their websites and see if there is any useful information. I don't know if there are any in Guangzhou... but as I am near there I will ask around.

You say that you plan to work...ok, but you might not find that very easy - you have said you have notbeen able to get a job and so you cannot get a Z visa. You haven't told us what your profession or skill area is. Generally employers will not hire and are not permitted to hire a foreigner unless it is for a special reason and a local could not do it. Please tell us.
Sep 26, 2007 11:03
GUESTMAROVAN thanks APAULT for the precious information.
I tried to find a job as a foreign teacher, I can speak english, french and arabic,though I don't have language grade (because I studied computers and not languages, but since I used english and french I could learn them well)
I also heard that not all schools and colleges ask for grades and not all of them ask a native speaker.

I know opportunities are not very big, but if I can find even a small job with a small salary, I will settle my situation and then do some part time jobs, I can make computer graphics, comis, paitings, and so many other things. I will try to sell them and see if I can start business of that. where I am going, life expenses are not that high (renting house is around 300RMB or 400RMB a month) and 150$ should be enough according to my chinese friends' calculations.

I contacted a visa agency in Shanghai, but I couldn't find one yet in GZ from where I can get more information and details.
someone told me there are some offices that can help me in all what I want (they can manage the marriage and the visa for visiting family for 1 year for me) of course, I will pay some fees... if someone knows some offices like this in GuangZhou, I will be grateful...
thanks so much
Sep 27, 2007 07:43
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There are a few places that require teachers of languages other than English, so you might be able to get a job. You might get a job teaching English if your skill is high and the accent not too strong. My last college replaced me with an Australian with a very strobg German accent. There is a shortage of foreign teachers here so if your English is good enough keep trying. Maybe concentrate on the private language centres as they have more flexibility (and do not always follow the rules...!) With a few exceptions, you MUST have a degree to teach in the mainstream system

Are u sure you can rent for as little as that?
Sep 27, 2007 16:40
GUESTMAROVAN thanks APAULT for all the advices,
as for the rent, it is not high because I am going to a town, not very big, opportunities are not that much, but life is not expensive at all, so as a start, it is much better than a big city, while I'll be there, I will contact some schools. actually, at start, I contacted some, but they asked me to be present there for interviews, and didn't accept to send a job invitation (they fear) so once I will be there, I will contact those schools and see.
my girlfriend checked the media in her town, some appartments (1 or 2 bedrooms, 1 livingroom, kitchen, bathroom, toilet,...) ther rent is about about 300, 350, 400, 450RMB... amonth, it is affordable.
I know government centers and universities will ask for degrees, so for now, I am not aiming them. getting the degree will take me time and money, in China there are so many training centers and private schools of english and other languages, if I don't ask a high salary, I can get a job for a while (until I find a good one in a big city), my accent is standard, and my pronounciation is understandable, though I am not perfect, but I can teach.
in internet, I could find so many visa offices in Shanghai, but it is a pity I couldn't find any in Guangzhou or where I will live (I will go to live in a town near GZ).
Jun 13, 2008 09:34
GUEST16380 Hello iam kamal..and iam a indian i got marraied in china and applayed for the visa ...they give me L visa for 6 month...can i exten the visa ..i mean can i continue stay on extending visa being in china?as my wife is a chinese
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