Visa F, marriage and stay in China
Jun 14, 2008 11:18
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Yes, you are normally granted another visa on the basis of staying with family.
Jun 15, 2008 22:24

I am working on an F Visa as an English and Spanish teacher! My mother language is Spanish but I have a degree in Foreign Language teaching. I have five weeks in China already. Can I switch to Z visa in August (terrible timing, my visa expires on 08.18.2008)? Or can I just extend my current one? This was my first extension?

I appreciate your help in advance.

Jun 17, 2008 00:52
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There is no such thing as an extension. You apply for a new visa, one suited to the latest requirements, Z, F, L or whatever. To get a Z visa you will need to have a job offer with an organisation that has permission to employ foreigners....and then they should be able to handle it for you. You must normally (99.999% probability) have to exit the mainland to get it. Unfortunately, that date is during the bloody Olympics and you might find it hard to get a visa in the usually easy spots like HK. But if you can wiat there for a coupel of weeks or so.... we might get back to some level or normality again. I would say you are unlikely to get another tourist visa in China.... or it will be for 7 days to allow you time to get out!

Jun 17, 2008 05:47
GUESTDAVED Hi Have a look at a response I have just posted in the Expats forum. In addition I was told that I could only get a 3 month visa on the basis of being married . This can be re negotiated 3 times...for three months only..then on the fourth time I would be eligible for a 6 month visa and the following time they would grant me a 1 year visa. At the moment I am on a 9 month working visa which expires in September. I think it will just be easiest for me to try for that one again. Hope this helps. Its a pretty dead end street because in effect they dont want foreigners living here. They are happy to use us up but don't seem to like to give much in return. However, it's their country and they can do as they please. I will stay for as long as it suits me. My wife is busting to get out but I want to do some traveling first. Good luck! It sounds like you will need it.
Jun 17, 2008 23:01
GUESTGUESTMARO after you marry, you will need to go with your wife to the visa office, and apply for visiting family visa. it can be for 1 year, and after that, you can extend it again for another one year. they told me it can be extended whenever you want. after 5 years of stay in China, you can apply for residence permit.
Jun 17, 2008 23:12
GUESTGUESTMARO when I came to China, my business visa F was for 1 month only. I married a chinese girl and went with my wife to the visa office and applied for visiting family visa L, for one year, and I was told I can extend it before it expires. as many times as I want. this is very convenient. after 5 years I can get the permanent residence.
but with visa L you are not allowed to work (not legal), me I have my business and work in internet so this is not a problem for me. so if you want to work legally, you will need to find an employer and apply for Visa Z and a residence permit.
marriage registration takes just 15 minutes and you will need:
1- passport
2- certificate of non marital status original in english and a translated version into chinese.
the bride will need her family book.
applying for the visiting family (L) visa in the "entry and exit office" will take around 7 working days. but they will need a paper from police station about your residence. this paper you will get it from the police station responsable of the area where you live.
I hope these will help
Jun 22, 2008 01:31
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Hi , this is Bhavin from India . I just visit to my Girl Friend home in China on visitor visa - 30 days stay .I want to extend my visa. If I marry her then can I get extention to stay in china for atleast 6 months.So according to that we can fix the mairraige.
Jun 25, 2008 04:40
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hello, Bhavin, I think if you can get an L visa for visiting your spouse once you get married.

But as it gets closer to the Olympics, no body can assure you a 6 month visa.

As you can see from GUESTDAVED's story, he only got a 3 month visa after his marriage.
Mar 2, 2024 05:46
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