Do you like Chinese food? Why?
Oct 22, 2007 04:16
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Do you know that over a third of the world's population eat Chinese food daily? Even if it was eaten regularly by some only, Chinese cooking would still be acknowledged as one of the greatest and original cuisines of the world. There is an ever increasing interest in and appreciation of Chinese food in the West.

My question is: do you like Chinese food? Why? Do you like Chinese flavor for its color, flavor, aroma or the cooking recipe? Is Chinese food good in terms of nutrition? What is your favorite Chinese dish?
Oct 22, 2007 04:41
I like the the flavour, aroma and it's so quick to cook, as for nutrition it depends on the recipe.
Oct 22, 2007 09:19
  • GRIZ326
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I like it because it tastes good! Steamed dumplings are my favorite.
Oct 23, 2007 04:26
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Alan, and Griz, you two are always fans of Chinese food!
Really long time no chatting with you friends here. I miss you all very much! I will continue my Chinese food collection when I am free! Thank you : )
Oct 23, 2007 04:37
Hi Evening, I'm glad you are back, I missed you and your Chinese food collections too.
Oct 23, 2007 10:52
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I like the the flavour.

Oct 23, 2007 23:22
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The Chinese cooking recipe is really hard to grasp.
Hi evening, you must be a good cook.
Oct 24, 2007 00:36
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I love chinese food for its flavour, simple food but always tastes good. Plus its the only food I can cook well.
Oct 20, 2008 03:07
GUESTME I have been feasting on Chinese food from Europe to Asia and I still feel it is the BEST CUISINE in the world for me. The range of dishes is mind-boggling from the main 4 regions and the creativity of the dishes I think does not exist in any other culture.

My personal favorites range from the simple Cantonese Yang Chow Fried Rice to the Hunan Steam Chili Fish Head; from Buddha-jumps-over-the wall stew to Beijing Duck and oh so many...

Another wonderful fact: excellent Chinese food can be found in major cities in the world and that is certainly a most comforting thought - it means I enjoy my favourite cuisine almost anywhere I go. Wishing China all the best in everything! Xie xie!!
Oct 20, 2008 15:25
  • SETH
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Chinese cooking is primarily the reason I initially visited this site. The sheer diversity and basic goodness of the food, plus the nutritional value (well. for most of it anyway) really impresses me. I have tried some of the recipes provided here and have been truly blessed with some very tasty dishes. One or two didn't turn out so well, but that was my fault for poor substitutions for ingredients I couldn't find near me.

Iceberg, Cherry07, Dreamlife, Miranda, Evening... all of the contributors are great, either with recipes or with explanations or with helpful hints as to best foods to eat or avoid. Chinese food is fun to read about, fun to cook, awesome to smell as it cooks, and delicious to eat.

Of course some of the weirder dishes (bugs, monkey brains, etc., etc.) leave me a bit queasy, and I don't think I'd ever want to try them. But for sheer diversity, imagination, imagination, and flavor, no cooking style I can think of comes close.
Oct 20, 2008 19:49
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Thanks, Seth. I like cooking and collecting different kinds of recipes. Like you, I fail to cook some dishes sometimes though having recipes in my hands.
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