Funny stories about children that families love to tell over and over
Apr 20, 2016 09:36
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that's tulip here.
my parents are fond of telling my childhood stories.
they are lovely memories for us and I think so for everyone.
Dec 18, 2017 16:39
GUEST37150 Oneday I asked my mom how you put money on a card .so she looked at me and said you take the card out and put money on the card and there you go money is on the card😎😎😎😎
Feb 5, 2018 11:49
GUEST83150 that is are very funny
Nov 5, 2019 01:18
GUEST10138 One of the cutest thing happened with me yesterday night 🌃 I would say the cutest moment ever.😍❤
My husband was slept already and I was trying to make my 5 months old👶🏻 sleep and that too when he was not in a mood instead he wanted to play🤷‍♀.
It was already 12:30 am and i was trying since 11 pm but you know how today's kids are😎
I was hell tired 😴 so I pretended to sleep 🤭 so if he sees me sleeping he might also sleep but to my surprise it dint happen🤦‍♀ and what he did was the cutest thing ever.😍
When i was pretending to sleep by closing my eyes🙃 (with half open which an infant cant see obviously) he kept looking on my face in a hope that i would open my eyes, but I am his mom🤷‍♀, I dint, and i decided to count just to see till when he will look at me like this. You won't believe, I counted till 77 controlling my laugh and smile but he was so cute that i could not control more and finally smiled😇 at him, and he was like mission achieved🤓 and he laughed/smiled at me like he wanted this only..😄
It was so cute that i kissed him 😘🥰several times but again, since it was midnight 🌗and I wanted him to sleep so i pretended again to sleep😜, but he is so naughty that this time, he tried to open my eyes with his little cute fingers 🤗rolling over my eyes and he tried till I opened them.😂😂
And this continued till 1 am 🥵and in between i scolded him🤨 too by shouting loudly but he was so cheerful🤩 that he continued to smile looking at my face.
Finally I was able to make him sleep at around 1.😎🥳
I just want to say, look how today's kids are, they are born naughty🥶😱 and too intelligent that they can understand our mood very well.😇
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