Funny stories about children that families love to tell over and over
Dec 9, 2007 13:32
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I was thinking today about my mother telling a gathering of her friends a funny story from my childhood and how much joy it brings her to tell the story over and over again.

I am certain this is true for parents every where in the world.

Do you have a story about your child that is destined to become that story favorite story for you?

Do your parents have a story about you that they love to tell?

Would you share the story with us?

Dec 9, 2007 21:15
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Acturally I have one story as you say., and I don't mind to share with you.
During my childhood I used to live with my grandmother. One day my mom came to receive me home finally. On the way I asked my mom: 'How long it will take us to YOUR home' . And my mother laughed! My grandmother always is so happy to learn that I just took the home of hers as mine that she always tells it to me when I'm grown up. :)

Griz, what's your story? Eager to learn>
Dec 10, 2007 14:53
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I hope this story does not offend anyone, but it has to do with a child's toilet accident.

I was about 4 years old when this happened; old enough that my mother allowed me to play outside with my friends.

I came back to the house crying.

Mom: "What's wrong Stevie?"
Little Stevie: "I 'poo-poohed' my pants."

Mom looks in my pants....

Mom: "There's no poo-poo in your pants Stevie."
Little Stevie: "That's because it fell out on Mrs. Parco's steps."

Now that I am thoroughly embarassed...any one have more stories.
Dec 10, 2007 23:55
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Hey whats up,

So I guess I will add in a few stories from my childhood that my dad tells from time to time if hes not pissed off with me.

So when I was around...5? my dad took me with him to San Francisco on a weekend just with me and him. I have two younger sisters but he took me with him because my sisters hated the long ride from our place to SF (1 1/2 hours). After visiting a few relatives he took me to eat dim sum. Growing up in an Asian family, there were never any American snacks like chips and soda, at best we had like rice crackers and preserved plums and other fruits. And we RARELY ate out, the only time we ever ate out was when at weddings or when they were too tried too cook. So like being a kid, I was excited to eat dim sum. But my dad was real smart, he only got two small dishes at a time and he brought out the entrepreneur in me to negotiate that I should start with two dishes until the lady with the dim sum cart comes around.

The way I told it isn't very funny but somehow my dad can get the whole crowd laughing, because he can seem to remember it like yesterday.

I do have a somewhat funny story to tell from my childhood. In doing so I hope I do not offend anyone as well. So when before that Dim Sum story I used to have a problem with wetting the bed during the night, we all go through it at some point in our early days. Since I was the first child my dad covered my mattress with a polly type covering that we used for our nursery so that I wouldn't mess up the bed which made my uncles laugh at me. So I said I would prove to them that the bed will be warm and dry when they wake me up. At 4Am in the morning the house was awoken to me screaming in pain which will be one of the worst nights of being a kid for me. Everybody found out that I had taped my pecker shut with band aids which at the time I thought would really work but when I was about to wet the bed, boy was it painful.

My parents don't really tell this story anymore because they know I get angry.
Oct 22, 2009 19:48
GUEST76198 ok so a man goes into town with his horse on monday and comes back on friday, how did he do it? and she says the horse's name was friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 22, 2009 19:53
GUESTMM that is so lame and embarrassing!lol
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Aug 11, 2010 12:44

Originally Posted by GUEST76198

ok so a man goes into town with his horse on monday and comes back on friday, how did he do it? and she says the horse's name was friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

duhh that joke is so old
Aug 31, 2010 23:19
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I just remember what my mom told to me is bugaboo with three heads and six arms or something like this. For children it is useful when they are disobedient.
Jun 15, 2014 14:58
I was driving my 4 year old son to another town to visit his grand mother, when my son asked "Can we go to a bathroom mommy?'' I replied, " We're
almost there -can you hold it". My son then replied," my hands will get dirty mommy".

I literally laughed so hard I had to go to the bathroom.
Jul 3, 2014 22:32
GUEST68158 stories is easier for us to understand something boring
Mar 26, 2016 20:30
GUEST31211 My daughter was watching a music video by Def Leopard. In the video one of the band members is chopping an axe at things in a house. She looked at me thoughtfully and said "mum, what are axes for apart from murder?"
I fell about laughing, thinking how sweet, or should I be worried?
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