Major differences in Chinese and American education
Nov 10, 2008 10:58
GUESTDESTURBED if u want to know the truth i would love to live in china im from alabama u could alredy see why im not your avrege teen im not trying to diss alabama or our nation im just saying there i s nothing wrong with haveing a chinese education i think i would be so intrested that it would make me want to learn no affence Amarica.
Nov 10, 2008 11:03
GUESTDESTURBED I think that is would be a life exspereance for americans to learn chinese ways as well as our own why should they half to learn our custums when they com here and we not learn theres
Nov 28, 2008 22:20
GUEST46198 I have to say that you are totally wrong.Chinese students are always thinking and asking and they like asking meaningful and thought questions.But they are used to learning from their students and just cannot do research by themselves.They need to be more independent.
Dec 4, 2008 00:01
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This comparison is somewhat outdated and falls into the Gentleman's "C" arguement where a "C" student would normally do better in the business world since he or she were polishing their social skills while the "A" students were busy studying by themselves. In my opinion, it seems that both has a hint of arrogance steming from a position of weakness. I have first hand knowledge that the public education system in the US has severly deteriorated with this "No Child Left Behind" program. Instead of trying to bring up the few slower students, the country has decided to dumb down the course ciriculum so everyone passes. I believe that true learning can only be achieved by repetition for most of us save the very gifted. And if you want to call it "by rote", so be it. Why do you think that most students that recieve a perfect SAT score are Asians that are first or second generation? The Asian student population does so well acadenically, that many top US universities limit the number that they will accept each year. The same thing was said about the Japanese education system and now look at them, I don't think you can say they are not innovative. China is going through it's industrial revelolution and is well recognized as being able to "copy" anything. Buit give them 10 years or so, I know they will be a world power and innovator. Unfortunately, I can't say the same thing about the US.
Dec 10, 2008 01:07
GUEST41899 The Chinese education is to teach students to learn by rote, just to recite, to write down all you have learn, in Chinese education system, it evaluate a student's ability on by countless examinations, which will cut down students ' interests of learning. If Chinese education can combine some of the good samples of ways of American education, for instance, to give more space to students to motivate their minds, to learn what they like instead of forcing them to learn, which can make them achive themselves in some special areas.
Dec 11, 2008 20:13
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Chinese are quick learners. Westerners' are logic system builders. The % of population with low IQ in west is much more than that in China, but the smartest western guys /gals are smarter than those in China.

Dec 18, 2008 13:49
GUEST85834 show me proof or your statement
Jan 12, 2009 01:24
GUESTWHIZ It has all got to do with different ways of learning the languages - English, Mandarin - themselves. Go figure.
Feb 3, 2009 00:19
GUESTBRIAN China is big, it doesn't have a strong middle class like the one created after WWII in the US. You are looking at a diverse population in which many people from the older generation have never had a grade school education and never learned how to write in Mandarin. Even today so many children are the first in their family to learn Chinese during their childhood. If anything, China has come a long way and we know it will get better because the Chinese have a long-standing civilization beaming with creativity.

Based on my experience as a engineering student born and raised in the US, I can tell you that a lot of my peers are quick to give up. My parents barely prepared me for highschool, much less college. I am procrastinating as I write this! So many of my peers and relatives have just given up under pressure. Many students dropout after their first couple terms in college. Some are very talented, my good friend dropped out of an ivy league school to be in a band and do drugs.

On the other hand, there are many stead-fast students who are very disciplined, organized, and cultured. They were prepared their whole lives to be good students and 90% of that comes from the parents, not the schools. In my experience, most of these students come from affluent families. They are descendants of the Cold War engineers and entrepreneurs. They are also a dying, unappreciated relic from a more progressive time. American education has since then gone down hill. Science and engineering students are imported from Europe, Asia, and Africa to help fill this gap. Does that make other non-American cultures superior?

I think it all comes down to simple politics and economics. The difference between Asian culture and American culture is a fools debate. The world is a dynamic place, civilization will always adapt they way it sees fit. If that means killing off some good brain cells so that I can make money as a vacuum salesman (no offense to anyone) then so be it. We have to do what we feel is necessary and our values are always changing through each generation.
Feb 19, 2009 23:30
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For one thing,there is no such thing in the American Educational System,which employs any such position as a HeadMaster. Where do you get your information
from,and please show where you obtain such information.
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