Sep 13, 2009 13:00
GUESTPATRICK I want to go to Zhejiang and Jiangsu for factory visit coming from usa what would be the best way to start my business trip
Sep 13, 2009 20:12
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Probably start by getting a flight to China...?!
Most likely point of entry for you would be Shanghai.
Oct 19, 2009 03:45
GUEST02155 Hello
can you tell me what is the fastest way to get from Shanghai to Nantong in the Jiangsu provence and how long it will take?
Oct 20, 2009 10:23
GUEST27947 hello, i'll be travelling from philippines to jiangsu in chengxi shipyard. what would be the nearest aiport? is it shanghai international airport? then what would be the means of the transportation right after arriving at shanghai airport? and would you suggest also a nearest hotel from in jiangsu? thanks so much....
Oct 20, 2009 21:40
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Hi GUEST02155, it's around 150km from Shanghai to Nantong. It takes about three hours to get there by bus. I think it's the fastest way...
Oct 20, 2009 22:02
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Hi GUEST27947, Chengxi shipyard is at No.1 Hengshan Road, Jiangyin city in Jiangsu. If you really want to know the "nearest airport", I think that will be the one in Wuxi or Changzhou. It's not far away from Shanghai PVG. It takes almost one hour if you take a train. The hotels... The nearest one is Nanfang Hotel (meaning south), which is 0.5 km south of Chengxi. But anyway, since Jiangyin is not such a big city, there's no real far distance. Hongshenyuan Hotel is a five star one...
Oct 21, 2009 10:43
GUEST27947 thanks so much miss herbeat.... another questions please.. do you happen to know how much is the train cost from Shanghai PVG to Jiangyin City? Where is the location of the train station? Is it near the airport? Do you I need to take a walk or cab? I'll arrive around 12midnight in Shanghai PVG, is there still a train going to Jiangyin City at that time? or do I need to take a taxi cab? how much would be the estimated cost from PVG to the Nanfang Hotel/Hongshenyuan Hotel? And what is the means of transportation going to Chengxi Shipyard from the said hotels? Thank you very very much... You're really a big help....
Oct 21, 2009 22:43
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Hi GUEST27947, I'm sorry but the fast way from Shanghai to Jiangyin is to take a bus. I'm afriad I made a mistake when I said 1h since I consider Wuxi... SORRY for that. But if you arrive at midnight, I'm afraid you'd better stay in Shanghai till the next day. The bus station is near the square of train station. There will be subway from PVG to the train station. But if you stay one night somewhere, I don't know how to tell the route. You can always take a taxi if you get lost. But you have to show the driver some Chinese name of the places you want to go... After you arrive at Chengxi shipyard, you are very near to the hotel. Take a walk or a taxi will be ok. But I guess since you go to the shipyard, there will be someone who take care of you. Am I right? If so, I guess the shipyard will arrange the hotel for you... It's just a guess. But if you need help, feel free to let me know.
Oct 21, 2009 22:45
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If you want to take a train, it will take you to Wuxi then take a bus. But it's not as good as take a bus from Shanghai. So I suggest you take a bus...
Oct 22, 2009 14:11
GUEST27947 Hello Ms. Herbeat... thank you so much for all the information... You are really a big help. It's my first time to travel alone and I hope I wont get lost. :-) Anyway, if it's not 1 hr from PVG to Jiangyin, how far is it? Subway you mean there's a passageway and I need to take a walk from PVG to the train station? How far is it? I guess I'll be staying in Shanghai until the next day. Can I just wait on the bus station instead of staying from somewhere else in Shanghai? I believe its more safer or easier if I just stay and wait on the bus station until the first bus to leave to Jiangyin come onboard. Do you happen to know what time is the first travel by bus? Do the bus drop me off exactly on the Chengxi Shipyard or on the hotel that i would be staying in? Or do I still need to take a walk or a cab from the bus drop off point? Can the bus drivers speak English? My seaman friend will be on the shipyard because their ship will be on a dry dock there and I'm planning to pay him a visit. So nobody would take care of me in the shipyard and I'll be booking a hotel by myself. Do you have a YM address Ms. Herbeat? Or an AIM address? Do you live in China? Apology for so many questions... but I'm just making sure that i wont get lost on my first travel in China. Again thank you so much, very very much.....
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