obtaining a police clearance letter in guangzhou
Jan 23, 2008 10:05
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I used to live in Beijing with F business type visa. I need to get a police clearance letter from China for my immigration purpose. I have been told that I can only apply for one in Guangzhou because that is where my visas were issued. However, I have also been told that they don't issue such letter for F type visa holders.
is this true? does anyone know where can I obtain this letter, that is if it is possible at all?

thanks a million

Jan 23, 2008 14:25
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I am not familiar with the situation you describe. The only ones I know of are when you register your residential address.
What type of visa are you applying for now?
Jan 24, 2008 00:19
Is that so? I believe that police clearance is not that centralized. Do they have any online issuance of Police clearance? Please inquire. Thanks.
Mar 4, 2008 21:04
GUESTSOLOMON I am sorry to say this. 4 / 3 / 2008 in guang zhuo city when i was going for my business, i was cut buy four men from my back wite no uniforme or police ID force my hand behind my back and was asking me off pasport, i gave them my document and they let me go. now i am having pains on my left hand and backbone for the result of forcesing my hand at my back befor asking off my pasport. i dont know if this is what china will give to there visitor at beijing olympic 2008.
Jul 2, 2008 21:46
GUEST84245 Hi Klem,
My husband is also having a very hard time getting a Police Clearance in China. He is holding F type Visa too. Canada immigration required him a police clearance from China since, he been there for nearly two years. We already tried to secure in China Embassy in the Philippines but they said they don't issue that my husband need to go to China to get the said document. Untill now, he is still in China trying everything he could. If you were be able to get one or anybody who could help us kindly inform me at my Email:|Imagery2002
Your help is highly appreciated.

Thank you very much!!!!

Jul 3, 2008 23:55
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Here what you guys looking for:(reference only)

Procedure and documents required for police clearance certification:
1. translated document of police clearance certification issue by your nationality(translated documents means ,you should ask a translation company translate the documents in to Chinese and make a chop on it ).
2. Get approval from Chinese embassy in your nationality and your state foreign affairs department.(if you have multi-ply nationality,please use the one you apply for your Chinese visa)
3. Go to the police office where you register your resident ,with the documents,and get the police clearance certification.
4. Get approval from notarization bureau,and this bureau will issue you a police clearance certification with a notarization.
5. You can use the certificated notarial deed of foreign notarization writ and notarial deed issued by china notarization bureau,to do any related proceeding.
If you want to use the certification abroad,you should get approval from china province level foreign affairs bureau and the embassy of your nationality located in China,attached with a translated version.

Jul 5, 2008 18:11
GUESTMANICKZ... How its going?
Jul 7, 2008 22:01
GUESTMENOR Hi everyone. My name is Ray, from Utica, NY. I will be visiting Poland soon, and I am hoping to meet my Polish relatives. I also hope some people from here may help me in contacting my relatives before my visit. Thanks and looking forward to meeting some great people on here!
Jul 13, 2008 12:18
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Ray..... Guangzhou is very far to Poland.
Jul 15, 2008 00:07
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haha David you didnt get that Wong! haha
Nov 12, 2008 12:17
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hi, i'm a new member of this travel china, my husband been in guangdong for 2 years with f visa, now that i'm petitioning them the canadian embassy is asking him to submit a police clearance from guangdong, is it possible that he can get a police clearance with f visa, and another problem is that he has no more friends in china, can you please advise us what to do or give us some idea because he's loosing hope, and me too, it is highly appreciated if you'll reply to this, thank you
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