Dongying/Shandong a nice city to teach english?
Jan 31, 2008 05:48
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I have been offered a teaching postion in Dongying city,Shandong Province and would like to know if this is a nice city for a foreigner to live?Also does anyone know of any websites that i can find some information and pictures of this city.Any advice ,wise words would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
p.s i have been to China before "Beijing,Shenzhen but that's all i have visited.
Feb 3, 2008 03:35
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Feb 19, 2008 04:28
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The landmark of Dongying is Victory Oilfield.
Feb 20, 2008 08:06
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Here's what TCG has to say about it. Doesn't look too inspiring but you could do a lot worse and it could be a good place as a base for visiting surrounding regions. Shandong, especially is steeped in history and natural scenic spots.

Is the job offer a good one?????
Jun 7, 2008 17:31
GUEST82195 I don't know how active this line is... but I have just accepted a teaching position in Dongying at Wise English and will be heading over at the end of August.
Jul 3, 2008 15:21
GUEST16139 DongYing city is very flat, not the fun place to live, but because there are many oil fields out there, so the job offer should be good compare to other city in Shandong areas. Also the transportation was very good in Shandong region, you can easily visit all the surrounding city.
Jul 23, 2008 02:59
GUEST08359 hello, We have a new primary and middle school in DongYing, developing zone. looking for foreign english teacher, any one who are interesting it, whatever you could do part time or full time , please contact me, email:|luckmail6789
Mar 23, 2009 12:28
GUEST44134 i taught at the # 59 middle school in dongying in 2005. my experiance was great and i would reccommend that you go there. its also a nice jump off point for other cities like beijing, jinan, zibo and qingdao. the city is friendly and helpful to foreigners and welcome you. the foreigners are abundant. gogogo... darryl (|newmandt)
Jul 7, 2009 23:44
I was offered a job through Wise English as well. I would be placed in Weifang. I am having a hard time finding information on this area as well. The school is through Wise English in Weifang (the Bai Hai english school.) Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated
Dec 6, 2009 19:38
GUESTBINU hi .. i am a overseas student of weifang medical college .. its very near to dongying city ... now i am in weifang city of shandong province. dongying is a very small place . there have nothing for fun .. yea but you can go to tianjin in the weekend for fun .. its very near by dongying ...
or you can see dongying city by Google Earth ...
if ya need more help you can contact me ..|birendrabudal
Dec 7, 2009 02:11
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Hi David, I lived in Shandong for more than 20 years and I don't think the air quality is ok in Dongying. I don't like the weather... But it's ok if you choose to like that place.... I guess I should say some encourage and nice words about that city as long as you get a job offer there... Emmm.... People are rich there because of the oilfield so that the price is not low at all. Sorry that's not nice... But with a higher price, you could find better things in a better quality... Good luck with it. And there're lots of sightseeings which are worth to visit in Shandong province. You could think that you are lucky to get a shorter distance to all the sightseeings...
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