Do you believe there is pure and sincere friendship between men and women?
Mar 23, 2008 01:42
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A lot of people think that there is no pure and sincere friendship between men and women. At least one of the two has a strong affection for the other and wants to further the relation. Due to some unknown reasons, he/she just hide the affection.In many cases, the affection is under the disguise of friendship. What is your opinion?
Mar 23, 2008 08:12
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The hiding of affection may be due to the fear of rejection.
Mar 23, 2008 18:32
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''A lot of people think that there is no pure and sincere friendship between men and women''

my question is what pure and sincere mean in friendship. spontaneous happiness to give if you can when somebody needs your hand, is this friendship or self-satisfaction psyologically.

affection is not dirt, why hide it?

Mar 23, 2008 20:26
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Is there a real distinct boundary between love and friend? Probably not. There are numerous cases that those who were friends before have become lovers now, and vice versa. Friendship and love are two different kinds of feeling, but they share one common feature: affection or mutual atrraction. Imagine, are you willing to befriend someone you hate or despise? Mutual attraction is a basis to further relationship, whther it is friendship or love.

Basically, the distinction between love and friendship is subtle . Perhaps, it is advisable to start your realation as friends and then further it to love. Certainly, for those who are married, the scenario will pose a moral dilemma. You and your friends (or either of you) have marrried another one. You have to control the affection, although it is a painful "undertaking". Since we are human beings, living in a gregarious community, certain moral principles are necessary to ensure the society to function well. A past survey showed that " One Night Stand" is more likely to happen between friends. ( This is controversial).
Mar 23, 2008 21:12
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I know two people, a guy and a girl who are best friends since high school. The boy has a girlfriend but their classmates and even the girl’s parents tease them together. However, the girl said that it would be like kissing her own brother.

I, too, had a boy for a best friend when I was first year high school. We hung around and had lunch breaks together, but his family had to move away and I lost contact of him. Not too long ago, I got a hold of his email address through a classmate in a high school reunion. I emailed him just to see how he’s doing. It’s a great feeling to contact a long lost friend. I never entertained the possibility that we can be more than just friends. The opposite sex doesn’t always have to be a lover.

I don’t feel awkward around boys (or men) because I have 2 brothers. I grew up in a neighborhood where there were 11 - 12 boys (no girls!), so I ended up playing war games with them during school vacations. I guess that made me kind of ‘immune’ to them. My mother was scared that I’d end up being a tomboy. LOL!
Mar 25, 2008 04:58
GUEST7746 Why not? Women and men can be good friends. For a man, you must have an extra good female friend to talk to.
Sometimes, you can not tell all the truth to your spouse since he might be angry. You can turn to your good friend.
Mar 29, 2008 06:02
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I see both situations as true,I have known people who have a pure and sincere friendship with each other.They have been married to other people and have been friends before marrying and the friendship remained after.

Alternately i myself have been in situations with members of the opposite sex where i had much deeper feelings for that person but because of circumstances,best friends fiancee,best friends girlfriend,best friends wife. could not let them know. I tended to have a deep trusting friendship and they with me.We just had a boundry,an invisible line we could not and would not cross.
Respect feature a lot in this senario.
Mar 29, 2008 10:34
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(((Do you believe there is pure and sincere friendship between men and women)))

It is possible, but in most cases there is an untold attraction that keeps at least one of the two around, is that what is call hope?
Apr 16, 2008 01:29
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yeah. JCNILE is right. when there is no more hope then sometimes you don't want to be friends with them anymore. I used to think it was easy to be only friends with guys, but learned that guys have secret thoughts and desires about their female friends that they keep secret. After learning that -- how could I see them the same way again?? :-D It became impossible once I became aware of their private world of thoughts. I have the same secret thoughts and desires from time to time as well, for male friends, and that's why I prefer generally to confide in women. These days, I actually feel a bit shy around my male friends.
Jan 30, 2011 04:45
GUESTZAIN i think sincere relation is to understand your partner or friend,what does he or she likes,so one should have to bear any thing which you think is not good in your partner,also show him or her your desires of affections you have.its the relation which make hearts closer and closer.
Feb 6, 2011 00:28
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And I don't beleive in UFOs, too.
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