Can humans predict the earthquakes?
Jun 11, 2008 04:04
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Last weekend, I watched a TV programme which was about the earthquakes. In the programme, two seismologists have been invited. One insists that the earthquakes can't be predicted but the other hold the converse opinion---the earthquake can be predicted. Haicheng earthquake is an good example.

On February 4th in 1975, 7.3 magnitude earthquake happened in Haicheng. Due to the precise prediction, only about 1000 people died. If it was not predicted, at least 100000 poeple would have died. However, the Tangshan earthquake in 1976 wasn't predicted. As a result, more than 240000 people died. This time, Wenchuan earthquake killed about 70000 people.

How do you view this issue? Can humans predict the earthquake?
Jun 11, 2008 10:47
  • GRIZ326
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Can humans predict the weather? IMO, not very well in most places. One of the reasons that I've heard earthquake forecasting is not common, is that incorrect predictions would discredit the forecasts.

Perhaps some day the science will become precise enough.

Jun 11, 2008 20:44
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Probably will when we start to have bionic ears that can hear rumblings happening from the middle of the earth. The animals are more in touch with the earth that's why they react long before we even experience the earthquake. It seems that they can sense any little change around them that we usually take for granted. I notice the same character in my cats, too.
Jun 11, 2008 21:28
  • KEVIN0518
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Why did people predict Haicheng earthquake successfully? According to the rule that these seismologists found, the small tremors usually happen before the great earthquake. It is said that small tremors had happened many times before Haicheng earthquake. Finally, they predicted the great earthquake would happen in Haicheng. However, there weren't obvious small tremors before Tangshan earthquake. Then the tragedy happened.

The earthquake prediction is really hard. You see, so many earthquakes have happened in China and only one was predicted successfully. It has proved that the earthquake prediction is still a difficulty for the scientists.
Jun 16, 2008 22:24
  • CHERRY07
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"Can humans predict the earthquake?"

No. Who can predict the earthquake? The animals. Some resources say that the pigs will get out of the pig pen and the dogs and the cats will bark loudly.
Jul 29, 2009 13:59
GUEST57120 I've often predicted dreams tell me. I predicted the Northridge earthquake. I called my whole family to warn them but was to chicken to warn anyone else...earthquake happened on Monday morning. Last night I had a dream of a devastating earthquake that will happen soon...i don't know if its this weekend but it is around the corner...maybe within a week...I cannot pin point it...but it will be in Southern California...prepare yourselves.
Mar 12, 2011 18:00
GUESTFRANK There is some study into harmonics. Apparently as rock is being compressed, it makes a sound which is inaudible to humans. This wavelength can be read and somewhat measured. Would explain why animals act weird.
Aug 17, 2011 22:18
GUEST54831 I have a friend that I have known since high school. He says that "his ribs on the right side of his chest vibrate" the day before an earthquake. I was very skeptical but I am finding that much to my surprise his predictions are often correct! He can predict a "region" or country but not a precise city. I have enjoyed reading this blog from others on this matter. My friend is native american and in touch with nature and animals. I often wonder if this is his connection. He is clearly in "touch" with the Creator and the wonders of nature.
Aug 21, 2011 18:24
GUESTSTEVE I have predicted several earthquakes. However, I can't tell when or where exactly it will happen. They are usually a 7+ unless it is in my area where I live and there are very few to almost none here in Texas. When I feel them coming on it usually happens within 5 to 7 days at the most. One that happened here by me I predicted within about 45 minutes of it happening. Just recently I have been recognizing the symptoms I feel before a quake happens can vary; which can throw me off. One really good sign is that I will start having a lot of facial muscular switching especially around my eye. Other symptoms are; experiencing nausea at an approximately the same time of day for a certain period then it subsides in that day and repeats several days in a row, dizziness, a severe dropout of energy(feeling like I can't stay awake) or an increased amount of energy, an inability to concentrate, heart palpitations, a sense of panic attack, muscle tightening especially around the shoulders and neck causing severe headache, recently I have been experiencing severe sharp muscular pains like needles being stuck into me(two quakes happened 7.0 & 7.1 in Vanuatu and the intensity was the worse right before it happened)currently I am experiencing these pains as I type(time now is 6:01pm CST.U.S. 8/21/2011). The pain is not as severe as it was before the two 7-quakes. Another thing I have noticed is an effect on electrical things. Just before the Japan quake of 9.0 several days before I noticed car alarms going off randomly everywhere I went, plus I started having problems with me starter on my car. After the quake, within a day or so I completely stopped having problems with it until just about 5 days ago. Then the 7.0/7.1 quakes happened. The alarms have stopped, I haven’t checked my car today so I don’t know what is up with that. If the alarms start up again and with the pains I have now and if they increase as before, I am expecting a very severe quake of 8+. All of this I believe is an effect of the electromagnetic field surrounding the earth. It works very similar as the tides.
Aug 21, 2011 20:38
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Is it true or just the coincidence, GUEST54831 and GUESTSTEVE?

If I was the president, I would recruit all of you to build a team like X-men. Your special ability can save a lot of people.
Aug 22, 2011 05:05
GUESTSTEVE "Is it true or just the coincidence, GUEST54831 and GUESTSTEVE?

If I was the president, I would recruit all of you to build a team like X-men. Your special ability can save a lot of people."

It is true. I have been testing it and I usually try to let someone know about it so I have a witness of the prediction. My family and friends can tell you. With the car alarms and my starter on my car is something new I am recognizing and it seems to be real. Although, I still keep trying to figure out if that is coincidental but, it is becoming a reality. If it is; I like that because it is a happening outside of my body so it contains less variables. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between me just feeling bad or if it is a factor of global electromagnetic energy playing on me. One has to recognize the symptoms and see the timing correlating to the quakes. This is kind of weird to mention on the internet but; have you ever had to go to the bathroom really bad because you are cramping, then the cramping subsides for a short period? Then it is back after a few minutes and the cramping seems to get worse as you get closer to having to take care of business. That is very similar to how the symptoms are experienced when a quake is coming on. Also, like the birth pangs of a mother in labor. It comes in pulses. You might be able to sense it too. You just have to learn to recognize how you feel and see if it correlates with major quakes. Once you learn how to recognize it, it becomes easier because you start to see and understand how it works. Pay attention to your body when things seem to be different, awareness is key!

I wish I could be more accurate so I could help to save people!

Keep an eye on this website the U.S.GS
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