Shanghai to Huangshan on a weekend
Apr 6, 2009 22:12
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No more Shanghai -- Huangshan trains leaving in the night. The "overnight" train now leaves at 5+ pm and takes 15 hours. Not recommendable for your situation.
Apr 10, 2009 09:56
GUEST55144 您好
Hello I will be in Shanghai from the 22of may I been thinking to spend 2 or 3 days in Shanghai, from Shanghai I planed to fly to Guilin. My questions now:
How many days should I spend in Huang Shan? Is 2 enogh?
Does the train and bus only takes 6 hours?
Is there any cheap way to go from Huang Shan to Guilin?
I´m thankful for any good ideas and tipps. To travel from Shanghai to Huang Shan!
Thank you very much!!!
Apr 13, 2009 02:46
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2 full days are generally enough for an average trip to Huangshan.
Train and bus for which route? Shanghai -- Huangshan? The train takes about 15 hours, bus takes about 6 hours to Huangshan city (aka Tunxi).
"Cheap" is relative. What do you have in mind?
Please reply directly to|ellyse99 and put "TravelChinaGuide" and your own username in the subject line, thanks.
May 11, 2009 00:47
GUESTAHMEI Hi, I am looking at visitng Huangshan via two routes:
Hangzhou / Huangshan / Shanghai
Shanghai / Huangshan / Shanghai
Departing on Friday and returning to Shanghai on Sunday.
Please let me know the most economical and best modes of transportation (and yet not compromising on the sighseeing time).

Also, looking at my timeline, do I stay at the summit of Huangshan or at Tunxi?


May 11, 2009 02:36
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What time can you leave Hangzhou or Shanghai on Friday, and what time do you need to arrive back in Shanghai on Sunday?
I would suggest staying at least 1 night (most probably Saturday night) on Huangshan, although it's expensive.
It would be more convenient if you reply me directly on email --|ellyse99 and put "TravelChinaGuide" in the subject line, thanks.
Jul 22, 2009 20:51
GUESTCLARA I will be travelling to Huangshan on 13/8/09. Can anyone advise me how best I should travel to shanghai from huangshan on 14/8/09? on 13/8/09, where should I stay so that I can view the sunrise in the morning? I will be travelling with 2 elderly persons.
Jul 22, 2009 23:32
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If you're travelling with elderly people who might have problems walking or climbing stairs for a long time, then it might be best to go up via Taiping cable car and stay at Paiyunlou Hotel. The sunrise viewing point closest to the hotel should be Purple Cloud Peak.
"Best" is subjective. Currently the "best" option is perhaps bus, about 6 hours from Shanghai.
If you've any more queries, email me at|ellyse99 and put "TravelChinaGuide" and your own username in the subject line, thanks.
Jul 23, 2009 12:12
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Hello, I'm new here.

We'll get to Huangshan from Shanghai at the end of August. For the route I've considered taking the Taiping cable car in the late afternoon and stay on top overnight and hike the west path down. Good idea?

Now if we go to Taiping from Shanghai by bus (and taxi probably), we still pass through Tunxi or is there a straighter route somewhere north? What about the waiting queues at the Taiping cable car station? I think the last ride up is at 4:30pm?

And what hotels would you suggest up there? Let's say in the lower midrange price area?
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Jul 24, 2009 07:35
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Sounds ok to me, though personally I think it's a pity to miss the West Sea Canyon. I presume your mention of "west path" would mean the Western Steps.
Yes, you'll still need to go via Tunxi.
Are you going on a weekday or weekend? If you're going on a weekday I think there would be close to no one taking the Taiping cable car.
All the hotels up there are all about the same price, honestly. I usually book either Paiyunlou Hotel or Baiyun Hotel.
Please reply directly to|ellyse99 -- put "TravelChinaGuide" and your own username (eg Marsupilami) in the subject line, thanks.
Dec 7, 2009 18:40
GUEST44232 After a nice weekend in the mountains - what is the best way back to Shanghai???

1) Is there a direct bus running from Tangkou to Shanghai?
What time does the bus depart (hopefully in the afternoon)
Where to pre-book such a direct bus ...

2) Do I need to go to Tonxi first and then hop on an airplane

Looking forward for your advice

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