Mom displays her naked body to teach her son sex education
Sep 29, 2010 23:05
GUEST57120I'd say that it was a little late.
Why not do this a little at a time...when questions arise.
Sep 29, 2010 23:08
GUEST57120"Not a bad idea" ?
Incredable...why are people so prudish ?
Sep 29, 2010 23:10
GUEST57120And what if there is no father around ?
Oct 2, 2010 20:36

I see no problum If the mother gets naked to show her son her body
that way she can answer all his questions and he will get all the right
answers. that way he may not so ancy to see how soon he can get
his girl friend naked and check her out
Oct 5, 2010 19:50
GUEST22137he has probably seen her naked before
Oct 15, 2010 05:04
GUESTALShowing a naked female body (not for sex) to a young teenager should be done. The same goes to show a naked male naked body for the same purpose.
Oct 23, 2010 14:42
GUESTLAILAit is a good idia to teach her son
otherwise son is wrong way go
Nov 18, 2010 23:49
GUEST51234if doctors and medical students see her naked why son does not see her ??
she is her mother but i see do that in home not in hospital
Nov 25, 2010 19:06
GUEST110Interesting topic... its a big problem in China that kids dont know how to do it, what to do and what you can get...
Some dont know anything with 15 and then they just try... without knowing how to protect, what can happen..
I enjoy sex and like to do it, but only with enough safety.
I think there is a better way to teach a child then this... (i know some will find it wrong) but i take Germany as example: with 16 years you are "allowed" to see naked bodys in TV (no sex, just erotic) with 18 its your own thing how to handle it.
And similar i see it too... but the education (without showing movies or similar naked things) should be between 12-15 (depends on sex and the child)
Also its often easier when the father teaches the son about it, mother the daugther.
But it was a good move from the mother (but because i guess the mother never had sex education so she didnt really know how to do it) {and asking somebody is of course out of question}
Nov 26, 2010 09:29
GUEST32123[quote=GUEST16103,359582]well moms have the right to teach her son about her body so thats great and weird at the same time
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