Mom displays her naked body to teach her son sex education
Nov 29, 2010 06:16
GUEST27106My sons are 7 and 8 and have no problem just running around naked. I dont mind, and I have gone naked from the shower to my room but I dont think I would go out of my way for them to see me naked
Dec 1, 2010 19:49
GUEST82242i don't think there is any thing wrong about it.we are not bourn with any attire!
Dec 2, 2010 08:22
GUEST26206dad cant teach - its only theoritical however he teaches, only mom can do it as she also can enjoy and son can have practical experience.
Apr 2, 2011 01:24
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Originally Posted by SHESGOTTOBE

I thought it is the father's duty to teach the so about the birds and the bees? O_o

Aug 11, 2011 08:34

Originally Posted by GUESTAAAA

Lucky Dude.... My mom will never show me her naked body. But I want to see her naked body.
you are a very sick sick person to want to see your mother naked for me accidentaly seeing her was night mares
Aug 11, 2011 08:37

Originally Posted by GUEST49675

If a Mum wants to show her son her body, that's up to her. If she wants to show him how to masturbate, again, it's up to her. That's how I learnt. My Mum showed me, using my dick. It's a great thing. I can get my dick out in front of my Mum, whenever I want, without a problem. Unless she is horny, lol.
XD thats crazy
Aug 11, 2011 08:40

Originally Posted by GUESTSUMGUY

Ewww imagine that...... a mom spreading her pussy n putiing her hand in their to show her son what a vagina is... YUCK!
thats exactly what im thinking(im 15 yo) this is just something my friends said about i looked it up and i believe it is gross but a lot of peopel do stuff like this so why does it matter WE ARE ALL HUMANS
Aug 11, 2011 08:43

Originally Posted by DAINTY

Never underestimate a 14 year old boy, they probably know more than the mother realise!
you definetly got that right
Nov 7, 2011 22:56

excuse me! people from the west do NOT have low standards!
Dec 28, 2011 16:34

Originally Posted by GUESTLOVINGMOM View Post

I'm a mother of 2 sons, 12 yo and 7 yo.I had divorced with my ex-husband due to some problem.I did the same thing as she does to educate my son,12 yo about women's body.I don't mind if my sons want to see me naked,coz I know they are curious about many things like women body anatomy.The first time i teach him,he had a lot of questions and i let ...
Thats veey nice of you to do that give him what he needs
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