Huangshan in July 2008
Jul 9, 2008 10:26
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We are a couple from Sweden arriving to Huangshan by bus from Shanghai around 25 of July.

We are thinking of spending about 4 nights in the mountain area before flying from Huangshang City to Beijing.

Since our budget is kind of low we can't afford to buy a Tour for a lot of money.

Anyone have any suggestion how to make our own 4 night tour?

Wich places/villages should we visit and where to spend the night? Is it best to book hostels before we leave next week?

Is a map with suggested tours available on the net?

Best regards from a sunny and warm Sweden
Jul 10, 2008 01:52
GUEST01124 Hi, there are too much to answer you here. Get a copy of the China Rough Guide or google.

With 4 nights, you can easily cover the whole mountain without the need to join any tour.

Jul 10, 2008 08:48
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Hello, I think 4 nights are long enough for you there... And you may have to book a hotel via web before your arriving, if a travel agency is not chosen.

Good luck and a nice tour in China~ :P
Jul 11, 2008 22:44
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Welcome to China and welcome to Huangshan.
In shanghai ,there have only one bus to Huangshan scenic spot .the bus depart from HuaLong Hotel ,365#,HuTai Road,and depart at 6:00AM,
If you can not by this bus ,you must by train.The mountain is in TANGKOU(汤口),and the HUANGSHAN railway station is in TUNXI(屯溪).So you must come to TANGKOU frome TUNXI,It is about 60km.When you reach Huangshan railway station, after you got off the train,you could take a taxi to Long-distance Bus Station(长途汽车站),It around 7-8RMB,remember do not give the taxi driver more money.In the Long-distance Bus Station ,there have the buses to TANGKOU 。 it around 20RMB from TUNXI to TANGKOU.
I know you want to spend 4 nights in the Huangshan scenic spot.I think 4 nights are too long for you,3 nights is OK.The first day you come,you can travel the famous ancient villages HONGCUN(宏村) and XIDI(西递),then regist in hotel at the bottom of mountain .The second day ,you should get up early and climb the mountain,regist in the hotel at the top of mountain.The third day,you get down the mountain, and regist in the same hotel at the bottom of mountain.The fourth day,you can travel the surrounding scenic spot,and go to BeiJing by air at night.
Have this travel,it will cost you around 1800RMB,do not include the cost you come from SHANGHAI and go to BEIJING.
Any question,and if you need my help, you can Email|stevensd
Jul 12, 2008 01:48
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Oh thank you STEVENSD!

Just the info we were looking for, I agree that 4 nights are too long and I really want to visit the villages you have mentioned here.

I will print your message and take it with me on my trip to China. We depart from Stockholm to Beijing on friday.

best regards from Liz
Jul 17, 2008 07:02
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What time are you leaving Shanghai on 25/7?
Is there any possibility of rescheduling? I really don't recommend visiting on the weekend due to much higher accommodation prices and lots more people!
Yes, you should absolutely book accommodation in advance, especially for the summit area. I usually recommend going for the dorms with ensuite, as this is much cheaper than private rooms. There're also dorms without ensuite, but I really don't fancy the public bathrooms. Also note that dorms are gender-segregated.
This thread has a lot of good information about the villages around Huangshan:
If you'd like to meet up in Shanghai before you embark on your trip, email me at|ellyse99 and put "TravelChinaGuide" and your own username (eg Sprel2) in the subject line. I've been to Huangshan twice so far.
Jul 17, 2008 08:01
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We have decided like this:

Friday 25
Arrive in Huangshan City from Shanghai. Visit Hongcun, Nanping, Xidi by bus. Hotel/hostel in a village.

Saturday 26
Visit villages Shexian, Angaye,
Hostel in Tankou.

Sunday 27
Eastern steps. 1 night at Hotel Beihai.

Monday 28
Western steps.
Hostel in Huangshan City.

Tuesday 29
Explore Huangshan City. Flight to Beijing at night.

My question is; how dangerous is the western steps - I am a little afraid of heights if I feel unsafe? Other than that - I'm excited!
Jul 17, 2008 19:58
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Hmmm, personally I would leave Huangshan mountain for Mon and Tue so that to minimise the amount of crowds on the mountain, but that's up to you.
Also, I usually book Baiyun Hotel or Guangmingding Shanzhuang. Both are cheaper than Beihai Hotel and I like their location better as well.
Jul 18, 2008 07:06
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I am in TANGKOU,if you need my help ,I will meet you in the bus station of TANGKOU when you come.You just tell me when you reach TANGKOU,I can book room for you ,tell you the route of your travelling the mountain.
My email|stevensd My mobile telephone is:013965506213
Mar 29, 2009 04:13
GUEST57158 hi there,

you mentioned that in shanghai ,there is a bus to Huangshan scenic spot departing from HuaLong Hotel at 6:00AM. do you know if this is a daily departure and do you know if i can book the ticket in advance? if so, can you please advise how i can go about reserving the bus ticket?

also, is there a bus from Huangshan scenic spot back to shanghai?

in short, i am hoping to bypass huangshan city and travel directly between shanghai and tangkou/huangshan scenic spot.

Mar 29, 2009 06:28
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Buses will STILL pass by Huangshan city, even if they're going to Tangkou.
Have not heard of any bus departing from Hualong Hotel. There're 3 departures from Shanghai South long-distance bus station to Tangkou, at 0628, 1012 and 1712. Fare is 140 RMB.
Let me know if you need to pre-buy tickets. Email directly to|ellyse99 and put "TravelChinaGuide" and your own username in the subject line.
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