Married to Chinese issues
Jul 19, 2008 07:37
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I was hoping someone might have some advice or knowledge regarding visas for foreigners who are married to a Chinese National and living in China. I have been married for about 18 months and live in China with my husband. I have lived in China, for the most part, since 2004. During that time I have mostly had an F visa, though recently (last 6 months) have been on a tourist visa. My husband is about to start up a company...and our plan was for me to work for him as a "foreign expert" (I have the relevant qualifications etc). What I was wanting to know was can I convert my L visa to a Z visa? Must I do this in my home country? As I am married to a local am I eligible for a resident permit instead of a Z visa? I am very confused about the whole process and was wondering why I can't find any information on gov rules of married couples living in China!
Any help would be very appreciated!
Jul 19, 2008 20:52
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If you are confused, then join the rest of us! You don't mention which country you are from, but the standard procedure for obtaining your initial Z visa is to apply in your country of citizenship. However, there have been cases where people have managed to get them internally (adding to the confusion of how this whole thing works). As far as being married to a Chinese citizen, as far as I know (I know a little!), being married gives you no added visa rights, except that you can apply for an L visa for the purpose of visiting family, which gives you the change of getting a 12 month issue.

Regarding your husband starting his own business and employing you. It is a good idea that in theory can work, but you will be piled high in paperwork, permits, and certificates for the next few months, and even then, unless your husband can prove that you can do a job which no Chinese national can do, then the chances are slim. The fact that he is your husband won't increase your chances. You may suggest he look into starting a Hong Kong Overseas Company, and then registering to have an office in Mainland China. This way, it will increase his chances of being able to employ you as a foreigner working in China. The only down side to this is that he won't be able to issue tax tickets to his customers (fa piao) because he won't be paying tax to the Chinese government (he will be paying a lower rate to the HK government).

Hope some of this info helps.

Jul 20, 2008 01:22
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According to previous posts and what I know from friends (and as the Baron says) the standarsd visa for a spouse is a 'tourist for family reasons' and it can normally be renewed each year within China. There is definitely no special visa for u, and no automatic right of residence. You can apply for other visa types if you have grounds and are required to get it. There is no point unless you want to work or study or run a business.
Jul 24, 2008 22:30
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Thanks for your replies. You have cleared up some things for me and for that I am forever grateful! And glad to know its not just me who is having difficulties with visas. BTW...I am Australian, since I failed to mention that in my initial post (not sure if that makes any difference). We are still continuing with the idea of starting our own company and obtaining a work visa that way. Fingers crossed we can sort something out...I will post again here if I gain any insight into the visa rules and regs!!

Thanks again.
Jul 25, 2008 20:57
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i am a indian married chinese natioalgirl about 4 years now we have a baby girl.
my self old age i want settle in china with my small family. we married legal in dubai. now we bothworking in can i get long residence visa? someoneplease help me. now i have L visa for 1 year. 60 days stay multiply visa. thanks
Oct 13, 2008 05:01

I am a Filipina married to chinese man, we got married here in china for more than 1 year and still holding an L visa and I want to apply a job.I just want to know what would be the requirements in applying Z visa or working visa?
Oct 13, 2008 12:48
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You are in good standings, praise the Lord, my fianc'ee lives in China and am preparing to move there to marry her. She has done her research and I cana live there off of a spousal visa. Congrads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Most important God Bless you and Jesus Loves you.



Nov 8, 2008 03:54
GUEST10066 Hi,

Welcome to China. Apply a Z visa is a very long procedure, I am not sure you can apply it successfully, but here is the general procedures in Guangzhou (sorry, I only know how it works in Guangzhou, but I guess everywhere should be the same).

1. Varify Stage
(Go to local Division of Exit & Entry Administration Department of Public Security with follow documents, and apply for the varification, if you pass it, you will received one paper with approal stamp)

- Fill " Application forms for Employment Permission For Foreigners" with company stamp(you can either download from Labour Department or ask for it at Labour Department), prepare 2 forms
- One Passport Front Page copy and One valid visa page copy
- Education Certificate and one copy (if your certificate is not written in English, you need to go to authorized department translate your certifcate either into english or into Chinese, I think you better translate it into chinese)
- Since you are living in China, you also need to provide the orignal document of "Registration form of temporary residence for visitors
- Company Proof (explaining why they need to hire you, pls use a paper with company name, address, tel etc to print it), company license and its copy,
and company code certificate.
(if your company it is first time hire foreigner, they also need to provide the copy of company rule/regulation

2. Apply "Working Permit"
( Go to local Labour Department with the above documents and the approval letter from the Entry and Exit Admin. Dept apply for "Working Permit")

3. Once the "Working Permit" has been issued, take this to Bureau of Forign Trade and Economic Cooperation of your city to apply the working visa.
(there are more documents need to provide in this stage, but the details pls visit the follow link. it is in Chinese, but I guess your husband can read it)

4. If the stage 3 go smoothly, the next stage is apply "Z" visa at the Chinese Embassy either in your own country or via HongKong
(Since recently, the regulation changed a lot, you better apply this in your own country, or double check with HongKong Office ( 00852-34132424)

5. Once you apply "Z" visa successfully, you need to apply "residence permit for foreigners" when you arrive in China at Exit & Entry Admin. Dept

That is it.

Wish you all the best!!

Jan 2, 2009 06:05
GUEST38617 Hello Every one,

Firstly Happy New Year to all of you
Its nice to see all those are married with Chinese nationalities. I am an Indian guy married with a Chinese girl.
I also get lot of troubles about the getting visa, and last year before Olympics; it was really very difficult to take any kind of visa.

and spatially to work in china need work permit and work visa from the side of company those want to offer job to you ( to work without work visa and permit doing job or earning money or work in any company to earn money is prohibited- not allowed in any of the country.),
about to apply for work permit and visa in china the process is very fine given above by one of my friend,
But all the companies are in china not allowed to hire foreigners; that make trouble for foreigner to get foreign resident permit.

I live in Guangzhou with my wife, and after all the trouble happen about my visa, we tried to find all the rules and regulation for visa.
It will be my pleasure to help if anybody has married in China and have any kind of the problem. Especially related to visa.

You friends directly send me mail on my personal mail id regarding this
it is|vikrant.raja

Wish you all the best,
Happy New Year.
Jan 2, 2009 09:45
GUEST47141 hi, john here in usa. have you managed to marry and get to china? i will be in a similar situation soon
Jan 6, 2009 23:23
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Hello every body,

I am an Indian Guy already married with a Chinese Girl,

In the beging of the relationship I felt in so many troubles, but now with the help of my wife and friends I am in good condition and staying in china.

I welcome all of the men or women those married with chinese nationals, if they want any suggestion and help that I or my wife can do.

my personal mail ID and Msn is :|vikrant.raja

do feel free to contact with me to discuss any problem relaed to your visa and relations.

wishes of peace, pleasure and Love to you all.

take care

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