Where did pizza originate?
Sep 10, 2008 22:37
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Where did pizza originate? Who first made this delicious food? Somebody says that it originated in China. When Marco Polo came to China, he found that 葱油馅饼(a kind of baked scallion pancake) was very delicious. After coming back to Italy, he missed baked scallion pancake very much but nobody could make it. One day, Marco Polo held a party at home. He asked a cook from Naples to make backed scallion pancake. The cook did as Marco Polo said to make 葱油馅饼. However, he didn't know how to put the fillings in the pancake. Then Marco Polo said that it didn't matter and they can eat the pancake with fillings spread over the surface. Later on, that cook came back to Nples. He made the pancake and put cheese and some other fillings on the surface. So pizza was made and became popular.

Is this true? If not, do you know where pizza originated?

Sep 10, 2008 22:49
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Baked scallion pancake---葱油馅饼.

Sep 10, 2008 23:46
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Well if your story is true then the Italians invented Pizza. If it was influenced by something else, but ended up different, then it is a new creation. Don't ask any Americans this question - most of them think Pizza is an American food! I once met a guy from California who was willing to bet his life that Americans invented Pizza. I asked him if this was the case, why did they give it an Italian name? He then argued with me that the word "pizza" is not Italian! Typical American idiot.
Sep 11, 2008 05:21
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The basic pizza has tomato sauce and cheese on a wheat flour & yeast pancake. Does anyone think they had tomatoes or even cheese in ancient China? Did they even have rising bread? Besides, flat breads are as old as time and in a lot of cultures.
Here in the U.S. the varieties that "pizza" is available in are staggering. Toppings defy the imagination. I guess it would be like what they call "fusion" that is a the blending of foods from different cultures.
Pizza only became really popular in the U.S. after WW2 and while some consider it junk food it is on the menus of most schools because the basic ingredients are wholesome.
Sep 11, 2008 07:24
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It’s named after a town in the north of Italy (the one with the leaning tower) not far from Verona where the story of Romeo and Juliet is set.
The picture is not of a real Pizza but a Pizza Hut version.
A real Italian pizza has a very thin crust that is quite firm and crispy, not the soggy mess illustrated here.
An Italian friend introduced me to the real Italian style version years ago. Once you’ve had one you will never go back and no pineapple either
Sep 11, 2008 21:00
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Baron, that guy might be the descendant of South Korea. The South Korea people claim that acupuncture was invented by them. Recently, they even say that Doctor Sun Yat-sen is a Korean guy. I don't know how much stories will be made-up again.
Sep 11, 2008 22:32
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God, I hate pizza. It's about 90% grease.
Sep 12, 2008 10:29
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Shes - That's because you live in America where everything is 90% grease - including the people! And why bring God into it again? He's a idiot and a mass murderer.

Dodger is totally right - the mess pictured above is what Americans have done to the original pizza which is far more healthy and tastes much better. You Americans - firstly look on a map to see where Italy is - you'll find it slightly to the right and down a bit from France. No luck? Ok. try to find the Mediterranean Sea (between Europe and Africa) and then look for the country which looks like a boot sticking down from the top. Still no luck? Ok - never mind - Pizza Hut is just around the corner, opposite Burger King, and next to Taco Bell.
Sep 12, 2008 13:09
GUESTLALAL0325 it is not about whom invented it, but whom made it to be what it is.
maybe this man the baron, resents that we Americans set them free.
or more probably he is a Nazi hidden in China?
one way or the other, your day will come.
all the others before him are gone!
Sep 12, 2008 17:45
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Here's a little history about Pizza. If you want to read more go to the link below.
Pizza has a long, complex and uncertain history that often inspires heated debate. Pizza as we know it today began in Naples in the Campania region of Italy but the exact sequence through the many flavoured flatbreads of the ancient and medieval Mediterranean to the dish we now call pizza is not fully understood. Since the late 19th century pizza has spread throughout the world.
Sep 12, 2008 17:48
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Shesgottobee, For you to say pizza is 90% grease says that you have not had the real thing. Where did you eat pizza that you feel is greasy?
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