How long does it take to forget first love?
Sep 21, 2008 03:55
guest5951 Last night, I chatted with my friend who was crossed in love 3 months ago. She said:" it may take only a blink to fall in love with a man, but it takes a whole lifetime to forget the one you have ever loved." I think her words over carefully and agree with her opinion. The first love is the most memorable. To tell you the truth, I can't forget the boy I was in love at high school. Sigh, he had already forgotten my name, I guess. Maybe, we women are not as callous as men. Men are easy to fall in love and also easy to forget love. Usually, women feel emothionally attached to the men they loved first. I don't want to trap in the past. I want to move on but I fail. Can anyone tell me how long it takes to forget first love? Is there a good way to forget the past?
Sep 21, 2008 08:20
Hello Guest 5951, I just read your email and it made my heart heavy not in bad way but I completely emphasise with your story. Sadly there isn't a time limit on how long it takes you to forget someone you love or loved but truth is we dont forget people who we really love and the only advice I can offer is that we keep them in our memories , move on with our minds and give our heart to someone who will give real love back unconditionally.

Heck I still remember my first love as if it was yesterday but if it was true love then we would have been together today and whoever is really meant for you will not pass on by. Time and expecting the unexpected is my motto because you never truly know what will happen with who and when and where.
I am not sure if this email helped or made things worse but here's in hoping that everyone who has genuine love to offer is given the love they truly deserve.

Shan xx|Shantelle_D

Sep 21, 2008 14:30
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First love is always the hardest to let go. I think its because you dont think you can love again, but you can. Just take time to get over it, there is no set time as its different for everyone.

Dont really forget the past. Look on it as experience, yes it hurts but in time it will heal and when you find the right person you can move on again.
I have had 3 girlfriends in the past, been in love and found them being unfaithful. It hurts a lot, for a long time I thought it was me, but then I found a good woman and now I realise, it was their loss.
Sep 21, 2008 21:20
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Certainly, there is no definite time limit. The best way to forget the past love is to fall in love with someone else. First love is the love we remember best because it is the first time that we feel emotionally attached to someone. Guest5951, time will heal the hurt someone brings to you. We should look to the future rather than trap in the past.
Sep 21, 2008 23:24
  • GRIZ326
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Heck, I still remember kissing my first grade sweetheart after school...and I remember her name.
Sep 22, 2008 10:43
  • SETH
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I think I have worked out how long it takes to really get over the pain of a first true love that died.

25% of the pain subsides in the first month. -- then the next 25% in the first year. -- then the next 25% in the next 10 years, and finally -- the last 25% of the pain goes away in the next 100 years.

I still have 50% to go.
Sep 25, 2008 09:22
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First love? I forgot already. :P

Oh seriously, my first love was not my first boyfriend. My first love was an unrequited love. Huhuhuh...

First break-up, I think it took me over 2 years. Nothing there now. Of course, if you are determined to remember and has the tendency to cherish painful memories, it will take longer. Some still harbor the hopes that they will get back together so the recovery is even longer.
Sep 25, 2008 09:25
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"Can anyone tell me how long it takes to forget first love? Is there a good way to forget the past?"

Then find a second love. LOL!

Nah. To forget, concentrate on the things you enjoy, like hobbies, spending time with friends, etc... Of course, it would suck if all of your friends have boyfriends cause then you will feel left out and the feeling of loss is even more pronounced.
Sep 25, 2008 14:06
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I was 7 yo and madly in love. I will never forget her.

Sep 26, 2008 08:29
  • SONIA1985
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i think it depends on the next man you met......if you didn;t met a good man after your first love,you might take lifetime long to forget him,but if you met a good man who is better than your first love and who can attract you,you might just take a blink to forget
Sep 26, 2008 23:03
GUEST5951 Thanks, everyone! My friend has a better mood than before. I firmly believe that time can heal the pain, but I doubt if time can erase the memory of the lost love. I like the lyrics of a song: " I wanna try, try to forget you, but somehow I failed." Before we move on, we must get rid of the past.
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